Over $3,000 in Featured Deals and Sign Up Bonuses

Posted by Madison on January 4, 2013

Friday Featured Deal of the week! That’s my favorite celebration every Friday here at My Dollar Plan! Every week we feature a great deal, sign up bonus, or offer for you to earn some extra money. Our goal is to find the best offers that feature easy sign ups.

It’s time to take a look back at the entire collection of active featured deals that we covered to date.

Over $3,000 in Featured Deals and Sign Up Bonuses

When I added it all up, you could potentially score anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000 in sign up bonuses, plus free flights and hotel stays per person. Now you know why it’s my favorite article each week!

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High Dollar Bonuses

My favorite offers right now are obviously the $500+ credit card sign up bonuses. I sorted the list of credit card sign up offers by the bonus amount so you can start at the top and easily determine which offers are worth your time.

All of the current offers for credit card sign up bonuses are listed in our credit card directory.

Credit Card Bonuses $500+

Credit Card Bonuses $400 – $500

Credit Card Bonuses $150 – $250

Credit Card Bonuses $100

More Featured Deals

You can also earn bonuses with investment accounts, free flights, cash back, gift cards and more. Here are more of the featured deals that you can take advantage of:

Free Flights

Free Nights

Investment & Checking Account Bonuses

IRA Account Bonuses

Cash Back Rewards Programs

Favorite Featured Deals

Featured Deals

Credit Card Rewards Programs

As always, we’ll be back next Friday with a new offer in the Friday Featured Deal of the week series!

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Comments to Over $3,000 in Featured Deals and Sign Up Bonuses

  1. Hi Madison,

    I have a question regarding American Express $100 Gift Card offer.

    When does Amex charge the annual fee? I hope it charges when one year is up.

    I want to make sure that AmEx doesn’t charge me while I’m in the process of redeeming the rewards (e.g. just after few months of opening the a/c)

    I would like to know when do the Credit card companies usually charge the annual fee. Is it different for each company?

    Will appreciate if you can share your experience.




  2. If you buy online join Ebates it is free money. 2 to 5% off ebay and up to 25% from some stores. A real must for a miser like me.

    Daddy Paul

  3. Thanks for the mention in the Rewards Programs. Subscribing and looking forward to more Free Money Friday posts.

    Thanks again,

    Laura Pagles

    Laura Pagles

  4. Good list this week. How many credit cards are too many. I mean if you open a bunch, get the rewards, pay off your balance right away and then close the account, will it negatively affect your credit score?


    • @Katie

      Assuming your available credit and total % of credit used (utilization) do not change, closing any account that has been open fewer years than your average age of accounts will increase your average age of accounts so that it’s a wash. Any accounts from your app spree that you leave open will decrease your average age of account, but depending on the maturity of your credit may not be a big deal.


  5. Does anyone know of a good promo for opening a new bank account for kids (age 10)? Even $25-50 would a great as my son will be depositing only $200 or so. Local bank in Dallas, Texas area is fine.



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