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Posted by Kate on December 1, 2012

As you get started on all of your holiday shopping, another cash back program you can utilize is ShopDiscover!

ShopDiscover lets you earn 5% – 20% cash back on every purchase you make at over 200 online retailers as long as you use a Discover card that offers a rewards program (cash back or miles).

What is Shop Discover?

ShopDiscover is Discover’s online shopping portal connected to your Discover credit card. Log in with your Discover username and password, click through to your favorite retailer and make a purchase with your Discover card. You’ll earn cash back (or miles, depending on your Discover card) with every purchase – in addition to the ones you earn from using your card.

Tips and Tricks

Get an Extra 5% Cash Back. Discover’s 4th quarter 5% cash back bonus is for purchases at department stores and online retailers this year! It’s only for purchases up to $1500 but still an awesome perk of using your Discover cash back card. This bonus is in addition to anything you get from clicking through at ShopDiscover. See the Discover Rewards Calendar.

Sign up family and friends. Discover offers a $50 referral bonus so if you’re a fan of your Discover card, make sure you start referring your friends.

Switch the Payment Card? Can you click through Shop Discover to earn the cashback and then check out with a different card? Madison is currently testing this process to see if we double dip on the Shop Discover cashback program. If you have already tested this, let us know how it worked!

Discover Cards

If you don’t already have a Discover card, here are some options:

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  1. Also check out this website I found a few days ago:

    Up until this week, I used Fat Wallet for everything. Now I’m going to spread it around to whoever pays the highest rebate!

    Tommy Z

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