ShopAtHome Guarantees Highest Cash Back

Posted by Madison on December 10, 2010

How come I just found out about this one? We all know that I love cash back. Especially right now, during holiday shopping.

I just heard about, and their best cash back guarantee. It’s our Free Money Friday offer this week.

How to Earn ShopatHome Cash Back

  1. Sign up for a free ShopAtHome account.
  2. Make a purchase earning cash back in 60 days.
  3. Get a $5 bonus in addition to your cash back on your purchase.

110% Cash Back Guarantee

Here’s where Shop at Home kills the competition. They offer a 110% Guarantee that they will offer the highest cash back percentage for each store. If you find a better cash back offer, they’ll pay you 110% cash back; there is a quick form to fill out when you find a better offer elsewhere.

I’m always on the lookout for a cash back site that will allow us to use just one cash back site for all of our shopping. Could the 110% guarantee mean that we have finally found it?

I’m planning to use it for the rest of my holiday shopping and see how it stacks up against my favorites, currently the double cash back offers from Ebates and Discover Holiday Shopping.

Shop at Home Terms and Conditions

  • ShopAtHome will send a rebate check when your account balance reaches the $20 minimum.
  • will apply a Dormant Account credit reduction equal to 50% of the then-current account balance once during every 12 month period that the account is a Dormant Account.

More on Shop at Home

Coupons. They also offer ShopAtHome coupons to use.

ShopAtHome toolbar. To be honest, I’m not a fan of toolbars, and I’ve read about people having trouble with ShopAtHome removal of the toolbar, so for right now, I’m just going to use the site strictly for cash back.

Referrals. There is a ShopAtHome Tell A Friend program that will give $5 to you and your friend. So of course, I’m going to refer my husband.

Evreward. I always use evreward before placing an order online. However, ShopAtHome isn’t listed there, so you need to remember this one!

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Comments to ShopAtHome Guarantees Highest Cash Back

  1. Upromise has really upped the ante this season. I’ve had a Upromise card for years but rarely used it. This Christmas, it has gotten a work-out. They added bonus categories (4th quarter included department stores, toy stores, book stores) so you can get up to 4% additional cash back, up to $25 extra ($625 spending). Then they added 2% bonus for using the Upromise card when shopping through Upromise (this is on top of the Upromise 1% cash back). Then they added an extra bonus – 1% on $100 shopping, 2% on $200…up to 10% on $1000 (max of $1000)…when you link through the Upromise website. Without including the “regular” contributions (1% cash back for using Upromise card and store-specific cash back rebate), I am anticipating about $145 in my Upromise account on about $1000 December spending.

    (Note – on the 10% bonus, I got a special email/letter and had to sign up, so I’m not sure if this was offered to everyone.)


  2. Seems like this is unlikely to replace evreward

    ShopatHome ONLY offers the 100% Cashback guarantee on stores they are affiliated with. So for example, ShopDiscover offers 15% Cashback on Groupon purchases. But ShopatHome is not affiliated with Groupon so there’s no way to qualify for the 110% cashback.

    Looks like it’s still a good site but unlikely to be a one stop shop.


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