Ebates $5 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on October 31, 2008

It’s time to prepare for the holiday season. I already started my online shopping for holiday gifts. Before you shop, you should get your online cash back plan in order.

I’ll highlight a few of my favorite cash back programs over the next few weeks… because we all love Free Money.


The first is Ebates. It offers cash back for over 900 stores. We’ve used it in the past for purchases from Target, Buy.com, and Zappos. The cash back rewards range from 1% to 25%.

How it Works

$5 sign up bonus. You get a $5 bonus when you sign up and make your first purchase.

Payments. Ebates sends rewards via check or Paypal on August 14th, November 15th, February 15th, and May 15th. You’ll get a payment every time you earn over $5 in rewards (excluding sign up and referral bonuses.)

Referrals. Make even more money by referring a friend. You’ll each get an extra $5 after their first purchase.

Tips and Tricks

Daily double. Check out the Daily Double each day. Ebates selects one store each day and gives double cash back for purchases between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM PST that day.

Compare rewards. Don’t forget to check ev’reward whenever you buy online to figure out which program has the highest cash back!

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Comments to Ebates $5 Sign Up Bonus

  1. Hey,

    Great posts, you’re blog is awesome. I find you’re no non-sense approach to be great.

    Being a recent college graduate, I think my first order of business is getting my budget together.

    I have been tracking my expenses in Excel for the past 3 months, but this is extremely tedious. I have tried some free online personal finance applications, but these seem to be lacking in the features department.

    I am currently thinking about purchasing Microsoft Money or Quicken, which do you think is a better deal? Someone warned me that the Microsoft program is not good for all things tax related.

    many thanks


  2. James,

    Try mint.com

    This site links all of your accounts together to give a high-level picture of all your accounts (be they auto loan, credit card, mortgage, savings, checking, investing… everything). It also has a very spiffy budgeting tool.


  3. @James

    I would also look into Quicken. You can link all of your accounts and track expenses. You can also link Quicken to Turbo Tax when you are getting ready to do your taxes which may help you find ways to save as well.

    Good Luck!


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