Betterment $25 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on June 3, 2011

Looking for a new, simple place to invest? This week’s Free Money Friday offer from Betterment may be for you!

Betterment is offering a $25 sign up bonus for 5 minutes of your time.

How to Get Your Sign Up Bonus

  1. Open a new Betterment account.
  2. Make an initial deposit of at least $250 within 60 days of signup.
  3. Get a $25 bonus.

Betterment Terms and Conditions

  • The offer is valid only for new individual accounts with Betterment.
  • To qualify for the bonus, you must make an initial deposit of $250 within 60 days of signup and not withdraw that initial deposit for 60 days.
  • Offer available to U.S. Residents only.

More on Betterment

Betterment account details. Details of the Betterment investment account include:

  • No minimum balance.
  • No transaction fees or commissions.
  • Betterment is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which means the securities in your account are protected up to $500,000.

What exactly is Betterment? Betterment is a personal investment account that will invest based on a stock/bond asset allocation you select when you sign up. Betterment uses ETFs to achieve the allocation and will make the trades for you.

How does Betterment make money? Betterment‘s fee is a straightforward 0.3% to 0.9% depending on your balance. If you open an account for the bonus with $250, the fee is 0.9% annually.

A note from Madison: I signed up to see if the 5 minute claim was right…. and they were, it only took me 4 minutes to sign up! In addition, my $25 bonus was credited immediately after I verified my bank account (even before the $250 transferred).

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Comments to Betterment $25 Sign Up Bonus

  1. Do we have any idea how this is taxed? Capital gains if it’s in for a year? Or ordinary income?


    • Taxed as ordinary income.


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