Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa $200 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on September 8, 2017

Wells Fargo just increased the bonus on the Cash Wise Visa card to $200. It used to be a $150 sign up bonus earlier this year when it was on my list for our $4,292 Credit Card Application Spree.

The card also earns 1.5% cash rewards. If you use mobile payments, you’ll earn 1.8% during the first year.

It’s our Free Money offer!

How to Get Your $200 Sign Up Bonus

  1. Apply for the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card*.
  2. Spend $1,000 in the first 3 months.
  3. Earn $200 in cash rewards.

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Cash Rewards Bonus

Terms and Conditions

  • No annual fee.
  • Online Only Promotion.
  • If you have opened a Wells Fargo credit card account within 16 months of this application you will not be eligible for the above introductory APR(s) and fees or any bonus rewards offers described below even if that account has been closed and has a zero balance.

More on Wells Fargo

Earning Rewards. You will earn 1.5% cash rewards.

Bonus Rewards for Mobile Purchases. You will earn 20% more cash rewards (1.8%) for the first 12 months when purchases are made using a mobile wallet including Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Redeeming Rewards. You can redeem your rewards for cash in $25 increments.

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