Wells Fargo Propel $200+ Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on September 22, 2017

A reader just let me know about a new version of the Wells Fargo Propel card. This one is an American Express card with a 20,000 point sign up bonus. The old card was a Wells Fargo Propel World card.

The 20,000 points for the Propel card should be worth $200 or more.

It’s our Free Money Friday offer this week.

How to Get Your Sign Up Bonus

  1. Apply for the Wells Fargo Propel American Express card*.
  2. Spend $1,000 in the first 3 months.
  3. Earn 20,000 bonus points!

*Find and compare all current credit card offers in our credit card directory.

Cash Rewards Bonus

Terms and Conditions

  • No annual fee.
  • There is no limit to the Points You may earn unless stated otherwise at the time a specific promotion or offer is made.
  • Points will expire and be forfeited at the end of the 60th month beginning with the first month in which the Points were posted to Your Rewards Account. Points are redeemed on a first-in first-out basis.

More on the Wells Fargo Propel World Card

Earning Points. You earn 3x points at gas stations, 2x points at restaurants and 1x points on everything else. The points are part of the Go Far rewards program.

Redeeming Points. You can redeem the points you earn from your card for cash, gift cards, travel, merchandise and more. Cash redemptions can be done in 2500 point increments automatically to a Wells Fargo account or by requesting a check. The 20,000 points should convert to $200 in gift cards or statement credits. It could be worth more as a travel redemption, but the terms and conditions don’t clearly state the conversion values.

Annual Bonus. If you also have a Wells Fargo checking or savings account, you can earn an annual bonus of rewards points on points you’ve earned throughout the year (bonuses not included). The relationship bonus is 10% of the points you earned.

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