FatWallet Cash Back

Posted by Madison on June 26, 2009

Recently, I asked What is Your Favorite Cash Back Program? A reader, Simon, pointed out that I forgot FatWallet!

I often mention the FatWallet Finance forums as one of my favorite places to hang out. But, as Simon reminded me, FatWallet also has a special place in my heart for earning cash back!

Let’s explore the FatWallet cash back program for Free Money Friday.

How to Earn Your FatWallet Cash Back

  1. Sign up for a FatWallet account.
  2. Shop for products using FatWallet Shopping.
  3. Redeem your cash back by PayPal or a check.

FatWallet Cash Back Details

Minimum Redemption. If you want to cash out your account by check, there is a $10 minimum. Paypal doesn’t require a minimum.

Payments. Cash back payments are processed weekly; it’s one of the quickest cash back programs.

Attach a Note. My favorite feature at FatWallet is the ability to attach a note. When you click on a cashback offer, you can put the details of the purchase. I usually put a high level description of what I’m buying and who it’s for so it will jog my memory down the road.

Finding Deals

In addition to the cash back, I also find that FatWallet is a helpful place to shop and research online. Between Today’s Top Deals, the Coupon Search, and the Hot Deals forum, the savings add up!

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Comments to FatWallet Cash Back

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the PayPal payouts. I had $5 sitting in my account that I never thought I’d get up to $20 with. But thanks to your post I remembered I can PayPal it out (and no fees, too!) and get it now.

    The time value of money. Excellent. 🙂

    No Debt Plan

  2. A while back you suggested arbitraging new 0% intro periods of credit cards by buying dollar coins from USMint.gov. Just wanted to report that I finally got a box of 250! They apparently kept rejecting orders that were more than 1 box.


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