Upromise Rewards Cashback

Posted by Madison on November 20, 2014

Up next in our holiday cash back series is Upromise!

Upromise is one of my favorite cash back programs. It’s also a reader favorite…

Remember when reader Shaun highlighted Upromise as his go-to cashback program in his $12,000 Amazon Success Story?

How to Earn Money with Upromise

  1. Sign up for a Upromise account.
  2. Earn cashback shopping online.
  3. You’ll get your payment in the form of a check, 529 plan contribution, or student loan payment.

Upromise is a free rewards program designed to help you save for higher education expenses. However, it’s also a great cashback program since you have the option to cash out in a check.

Here’s more from Kate on Upromise if you aren’t familiar with the program:

What is it?

Upromise is a free service that helps families earn extra money for education.

You earn rewards from partner companies (more than 800 online stores, 10,000+ restaurants, grocery and drugstore items) when you buy certain products or services. When you shop online, you simply use Upromise’s portal to click through. When you shop in stores, you get credit by using credit/debit cards that you’ve linked to Upromise.

Start Earning

Sign up at Upromise.

Add your credit cards. When you shop at participating restaurants, gas stations and stores, you’ll automatically earn money back on participating products. The earnings are in addition to your regular credit card rewards. For example, you can use a gas rewards credit card and double dip with the cashback and Upromise contributions.

Add grocery and drugstore cards. Whenever you buy groceries you receive rewards for participating products. Don’t forget to activate the ecoupons before you go!

Sign up family and friends. You can have grandparents register for accounts and the earnings go to your children. Every time they buy gas a portion of their purchases are deposited into your account.

Redeem Rewards

The rewards are intended for education and can be deposited automatically into a 529 plan for your child. You can also use your funds to pay off college loans.

However, even if you don’t need the money for education, you can request a check for earnings of $10 or more. If you are withdrawing less than $1,000, you can request it through your account online.

Sign Up for Upromise

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Comments to Upromise Rewards Cashback

  1. I signed up with them some time ago, but don’t keep up with earnings, balance, etc. Normally I would say something like this is not worth the effort, but because so little effort is involved it is basically like receiving “free money!”

    Frugal Dad

  2. This one truly is a set it and forget it. No real work beyond the initial registration, which is nice. I agree with you Frugal Dad, some rewards programs are more work than they are worth!


  3. Thanks for the mention!


  4. This is something I’ll have to look into.

    Fiscal Musings

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