MyPoints Cash Back and Free Gift Cards

Posted by Kate on December 9, 2012

We love cash back! That’s why we’re revisiting MyPoints this week. I used to use MyPoints about five years ago and then stopped but I’ve recently started racking up points again and am hoping I’ll have enough for a gift card or two by the holidays!

There are lots of choices for gift card redemption, including Starbucks, Amazon, and iTunes.

How It Works

If you aren’t familiar with MyPoints, here’s how it works: You enroll in their program for free. It’s similar to other cashback programs, but instead of earning cash, you earn points. You can then redeem the points for gift cards!

Sign Up

Signing up is easy, just go to MyPoints and enroll for free.

Earning Points

There’s various ways to earn points. Here’s a summary:

  • Shopping online. Whenever you are planning a purchase on line, check out if it’s one of the top programs listed, log in and click through from MyPoints.
  • Refer your friends. Once you sign up for MyPoints you can refer a friend. Once your friend earns 125 Points, you’ll get 100 Points.
  • Reading email. You can also earn points for Bonus Mail. An easy way to manage this is to have your emails filtered to a folder so that you can just click through a bunch all at once every now and then.
  • Easy points. Besides reading email, shopping, and referrals, you can also earn points in the “easy points” section if you need a few extra points to top off your account. There are various services to sign up for and some games (but I haven’t tried these out personally).

In addition, be sure you keep your eye out for big deals like the recent 75,000 MyPoints & $500 Gift Card Deal.

Sign Up for MyPoints

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  1. Thanks for the link Madison!


  2. I do the same thing as Jaimie at Paid Twice. I just signed up this month and am slowly collecting points. Already up to more than 450!

    Also I did a bit of analysis on my blog about which offers were the best in terms of getting the most dollar for your points. If you want to check it out, you can :

    No Debt Plan

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