What Supplies Do You Need to Sell on Amazon?

Posted by Madison on September 9, 2014

As an Amazon seller, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of supplies when shipping in inventory to Amazon. I worked on putting together a list of most of the supplies I use to keep things running efficiently. Efficiency is one of ways I Made $100,000 Selling on Amazon Last Year!

If you also like to make money on Amazon, here’s a list of my go-to supplies. It also makes reordering supplies a breeze when you keep an organized list!

One Time Amazon FBA Supplies

You won’t necessarily need all of these supplies just to get started. However, they were all items I acquired as our Amazon business made money, and have paid for themselves over time.

  1. DYMO Label Printer. This is the label printer I use to print labels for our items.
  2. Scotty Peeler Label Remover. Taking off price tags? This little peeler is like magic!
  3. USB Barcode Scanner. I use this handheld scanner to scan the merchandise into the computer quickly when I’m uploading all my products to ship.
  4. Brother Laser Printer. I started just using our standard printer at home, but after burning through ink, I bought a laser printer. Money well spent!
  5. Low Profile Shipping Scale. After I got sick of using our bathroom scale and having to remove each box to see the weight, I finally invested in a scale that has a remote display!
  6. Heavy Duty 3″ Tape Dispenser. I had a cheap one before, but decided to switch to 3 inch tape, which makes one pass at sealing a box. It became a great time saver. I ordered the tape dispenser from Bubblefast.
  7. Scanfob. This wasn’t a day one investment since it was expensive, but it did make scanning in stores incredibly fast. I purchased mine from Serialio.
  8. Books. The two books I bought when I started were Retail Arbitrage and Selling On Amazon: How You Can Make A Full-Time Income Selling on Amazon.

Reorder Supplies

Here are the supplies that I reorder on an ongoing basis to keep our supply closet stocked:

  1. Orange-Sol De-solv-it. When the peeler leaves behind the gunk from the price tag, this spray is very helpful.
  2. Dymo Labels. After trying multiple labels, I now use number 30334 labels.
  3. 3 inch tape. I originally started with Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape before I switched to 3 inch tape. I buy the tape in cases from Fastpack.
  4. Boxes. I now purchase our boxes in bulk from Uline.
  5. Poly bags. I buy all of our poly bags on ebay from a seller named “mallquistore”. There is no suffocation warning preprinted on the bag, but I just print out a few hundred with my Dymo and stick them on.

In addition, I keep a tape measure, paper, scissors, scotch tape and a sharpie marker in our supply box.

Tools I Use

In addition to supplies, I use the following tools to run our Amazon business:

  • Profit Bandit App. This is the app I use on my phone to make decisions on all of our purchases.
  • Seller Engine Plus. I use SE Plus to upload our inventory and as our daily repricer.
  • Quickbooks. I use quickbooks for our tracking our financials and for our inventory management.
  • Amazon FBA Seller Account. I subscribe to the professional seller account on Amazon.
  • Financing. I haven’t used any traditional financing in the past. However, we are planning to float extra inventory during the holiday season using 0% Credit Cards. It’s a much cheaper alternative than typical Amazon seller financing like Kabbage or Amazon lending.

What other tools and supplies do you use as an Amazon seller?

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