Private label Amazon results are in! Last year I explored a new way to make money selling private label products on Amazon. Before I pour all my energy into my newest project (the new travel blog), I promised an update on the private label products! The first year was a financial success. It turns out […]

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14 Toys I Might Buy or Sell this Holiday Season

Posted by Madison on November 15, 2016

It’s almost time to kick off our holiday gift guide series this year! Many readers have asked for some insight into toys I might sell during the holidays. Here’s a list of toys that could be great for buying or selling this holiday season! Finding Toys that May Be Hard to Get this Holiday Season […]

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Making Money Selling Private Label Products on Amazon

Posted by Madison on February 4, 2016

It’s time to make money selling private label products on Amazon! After meeting my goal of making $100,000 Selling on Amazon in 2014, I was ready to move on. As most of you have probably noticed over the years, I set a goal, and once I achieve it, it’s not really my style to just […]

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Can You Buy Dollar Store Items to Sell on Amazon?

Posted by Madison on October 8, 2015

More than a few readers have asked if you can buy dollar store items to sell on Amazon. And will it turn a profit? Shockingly, the answer is yes. As a consumer, it’s a bit startling to realize that you’re overpaying for a dollar store item and the convenience to have it shipped to you […]

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How to Make Selling on Amazon this Holiday Season Even Better

Posted by Madison on September 14, 2015

In my spare time, I like to make a few extra dollars selling on Amazon. Last year I Made $100,000 Selling on Amazon. The majority of this money was made during the holiday season. Steps to Prepare for the Holiday Season Selling on Amazon Preparation is key to being successful and making money on Amazon. […]

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How I Made $100,000 Selling on Amazon Last Year

Posted by Madison on March 17, 2015

I know many of you who also pick up some side money selling on Amazon have been waiting for these numbers… last year our Amazon business generated over $100,000 in total profits! We had just over $290,000 in sales and sold over 8,400 items last year. Here’s how! Background If you are a new reader, […]

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What Supplies Do You Need to Sell on Amazon?

Posted by Madison on September 9, 2014

As an Amazon seller, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of supplies when shipping in inventory to Amazon. I worked on putting together a list of most of the supplies I use to keep things running efficiently. Efficiency is one of ways I Made $100,000 Selling on Amazon Last Year! If you also […]

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How to Cut Your Losses Selling on Amazon

Posted by Madison on July 30, 2014

Once you’ve been at the Amazon business for more than a year, you’ll probably have some duds sitting in the warehouse. Sometimes I buy junk. Sometimes popular products lose their popularity and you end up with leftover items. It’s ok. It’s part of the business model. Maximize Profits and Minimize Expenses Just like any business […]

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When Madison wrote her initial post on selling on Amazon, I was skeptical. Could making money on Amazon really be as easy as it sounded? Like many of you, I downloaded the book she referenced and read it through. Starting now to believe, I decided to go ahead and give it a try since it […]

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I like to read about strategies other Amazon sellers use to work on improving my Amazon business model. I’ve never used loans for inventory (however, sometimes I do float purchases on credit cards with 0% on purchases if it works out), but I heard about other sellers using Kabbage loans. When I found out Kabbage […]

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