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What Supplies Do You Need to Sell on Amazon?

As an Amazon seller [1], there is nothing more frustrating than running out of supplies when shipping in inventory to Amazon. I worked on putting together a list of most of the supplies I use to keep things running efficiently. Efficiency is one of ways I Made $100,000 Selling on Amazon Last Year [2]!

If you also like to make money on Amazon [3], here’s a list of my go-to supplies. It also makes reordering supplies a breeze when you keep an organized list!

One Time Amazon FBA Supplies

You won’t necessarily need all of these supplies just to get started. However, they were all items I acquired as our Amazon business made money, and have paid for themselves over time.

  1. DYMO Label Printer [4]. This is the label printer I use to print labels for our items.
  2. Scotty Peeler Label Remover [5]. Taking off price tags? This little peeler is like magic!
  3. USB Barcode Scanner [6]. I use this handheld scanner to scan the merchandise into the computer quickly when I’m uploading all my products to ship.
  4. Brother Laser Printer [7]. I started just using our standard printer at home, but after burning through ink, I bought a laser printer. Money well spent!
  5. Low Profile Shipping Scale [8]. After I got sick of using our bathroom scale and having to remove each box to see the weight, I finally invested in a scale that has a remote display!
  6. Heavy Duty 3″ Tape Dispenser [9]. I had a cheap one before, but decided to switch to 3 inch tape, which makes one pass at sealing a box. It became a great time saver. I ordered the tape dispenser from Bubblefast [10].
  7. Scanfob [11]. This wasn’t a day one investment since it was expensive, but it did make scanning in stores incredibly fast. I purchased mine from Serialio [12].
  8. Books. The two books I bought when I started were Retail Arbitrage [13] and Selling On Amazon: How You Can Make A Full-Time Income Selling on Amazon [14].

Reorder Supplies

Here are the supplies that I reorder on an ongoing basis to keep our supply closet stocked:

  1. Orange-Sol De-solv-it [15]. When the peeler leaves behind the gunk from the price tag, this spray is very helpful.
  2. Dymo Labels [16]. After trying multiple labels, I now use number 30334 labels.
  3. 3 inch tape [17]. I originally started with Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape [18] before I switched to 3 inch tape. I buy the tape in cases from Fastpack [19].
  4. Boxes [20]. I now purchase our boxes in bulk from Uline [21].
  5. Poly bags [22]. I buy all of our poly bags on ebay [23] from a seller named “mallquistore”. There is no suffocation warning preprinted on the bag, but I just print out a few hundred with my Dymo and stick them on.

In addition, I keep a tape measure, paper, scissors, scotch tape and a sharpie marker in our supply box.

Tools I Use

In addition to supplies, I use the following tools to run our Amazon business:

  • Profit Bandit App [24]. This is the app I use on my phone to make decisions on all of our purchases.
  • Seller Engine Plus [25]. I use SE Plus to upload our inventory and as our daily repricer.
  • Quickbooks [26]. I use quickbooks for our tracking our financials and for our inventory management.
  • Amazon FBA Seller Account [27]. I subscribe to the professional seller account on Amazon.
  • Financing. I haven’t used any traditional financing in the past. However, we are planning to float extra inventory during the holiday season using 0% Credit Cards [28]. It’s a much cheaper alternative than typical Amazon seller financing like Kabbage [29] or Amazon lending.

What other tools and supplies do you use as an Amazon seller?

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