8 Ways to Bring in Extra Cash

Posted by Amanda on September 8, 2014

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…extra cash (which you can then use to buy yourself some ice-cream if you’d like)!

How to pull in extra cash is on many people’s minds. That’s because bringing in more money is a quick way to help whatever money goals you have, whether that’s saving for a trip, a wedding, a down payment on a home, or if you’re itching to get out of debt sooner than your creditors want you to. Not to mention you might need extra cash just to keep your head above water.

How to Bring in Extra Cash

Here are 8 ways to bring in extra cash:

  1. Apply for Inclusion in Several Marketing Focus Group Databases: You never know when this one will pay off. For example, while I was trying to earn $2,500 in extra cash (i.e. outside of our paychecks) leading up to our honeymoon, I was pleasantly surprised when one of the marketing companies I had applied to called and invited me to their focus group. The topic was shampoo. For 1.5 hours of my time, I earned $150! And they cut the check that night, which was even nicer.
  2. Refer a Great Service You’ve Used: We’ve been in the unfortunate position to have to replace and repair lots of things in the home we purchased five years ago. Like the downstairs central a/c and heating unit, or repairing part of the foundation, or the master shower. The one thing I’ve learned is, for many of these expensive services, they want you to refer them. Not only will they thank you for doing so, but they will generally pay you to! Our foundation repair company gives $100 for every successful referral you give. And the master shower quote that we got (but didn’t ultimately go with) paid past clients $50 just to give testimonials for prospective clients who wanted to call them. Heck, I used to live in an apartment complex in Florida that would give you $100 for each new renter you refer. Check into the services that you enjoy (that’s key, as you don’t want to refer bad services to your friends, family, and coworkers) to see if they have a monetary referral program and get to work! Here are some offers we’ve highlighted in the past that have referral programs: Ebates, TradeKing, Motif and the Fuel Rewards Network.
  3. Sell Stock Photography: Here’s a great article on how you can passively earn income (after you take the photos and upload them) on stock photography sites. You’ll need a quality camera to get started, and you generally have to apply to these sites. However, there are so many of them, that chances are good you can get your foot in the door. Also, you will need to learn a bit about keywords so that you can properly tag your photos so that people will be more likely to find them (people with cash!).
  4. Sell Your Plasma: While you cannot earn money from selling blood (donation only, with some places giving out tee-shirts and other small gifts), you can sell your plasma. The Guardian estimates that you can earn $300/month doing so. Here is more on Donating Bodily Fluids for Cash.
  5. Set Up a Gig on Fiverr: Fiverr does not house only $5 gigs now. Sure, you’ll start there to test out the market and get testimonials/ratings. But once you get experience and lots of people lining up for a service, you can raise your price above $5!
  6. Search for Unclaimed Money: It’s amazing how much money people leave in accounts. But this isn’t the only kind of unclaimed money; sometimes old utility companies owe money to customers who have since moved. So they hand the money over to the state in which that person used to reside. Or really, any number of reasons why an old state (or current state) that you used to live in has money with your name on it. Either way, make sure you periodically search these two sites to see if any money is owed to you or your family: Unclaimed.org and Missingmoney.com. For more information see How to Find Missing Money Owed to Me For Free.
  7. Become an Insider Guide: Do you live in an area where tourists frequent? And do you  know some neat stories and history of this area? You can sign onto Vayable.com as an insider guide and guide others through an experience in either art, fashion, design, eating, drinking, architecture, history, outdoors or any other cultural experience that tells a unique story about your destination. Gigs range in price from $25 to $200.
  8. Liquidate Old Boyfriend’s Jewelry: Once I got engaged, I decided it was time to let go of my old boyfriend’s jewelry (sorry, guys!). So I took them to a pawn shop and made close to $100 for doing so. Do you have jewelry from a past romance hanging around that you will likely never wear again? Don’t be shy to cash them in and use the money towards your future.

More Ways to Make Money

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