Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20

Posted by Kristen on December 14, 2016
Check out these great ideas for your Secret Santa gift ideas under $20.

Our countdown to the holidays continues with our weekly holiday gift guide series! Today we’re looking for Secret Santa gift ideas under $20!

Whether it was in college, with my family, or at my job, there is always a Secret Santa every year. Secret Santa, when you purchase presents for a recipient that doesn’t know who you are, is a fun way to exchange presents during the holiday season. The trick is keeping it under a certain amount of money. Also, in some cases, you may not know the person too well that you are buying for. We have you covered with both because we have versatile gift suggestions that are all under $20. Here are the suggestions.

photo by: alliecreative

Photo Credit: alliecreative

Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20

  1. A cozy throw.
    Regardless of what they like, everyone can get use out of an extra blanket or throw, especially during these winter months. Check out this fleece blanket that is under $10. The particular item is fleece, and it measures 50 by 60. It is 100% polyester, and it’s able to be machine washed for easy clean up. You can get it in a variety of colors including red, green, pink, and blue.
  2. A personal organizer.
    For under $10, you can purchase an organizer that will keep your recipient’s life in order. There is a section for to-do lists, contacts to keep phone numbers and e-mails in order, and a weekly and monthly calendar. Whether they are a busy parent keeping track of after school activities, a professional keeping track of appointments and business meetings, or a student that needs to manage all of the demands of their classes, they’ll get plenty of use out of this practical gift.
  3. A thermos.
    Whether they need their coffee to get going in the morning or like a nice hot tea in the afternoon, a thermos is a nice way to keep their favorite beverage at its finest. It’s also a great way to keep water, iced tea, juice, or other beverages cool for hours. This particular thermos will keep cold liquids for up to 12 hours cool. It is stainless steel, and the description says it is unbreakable with a sweat proof design that won’t leave water rings on your office desk or table at home.
  4. Popcorn seasoning.
    Check out this popcorn seasoning set complete with various different seasonings. Your recipient can pick from Ranch, Parmesan & Garlic and White Cheddar. You can also throw in some popcorn or popcorn bowls to make a complete themed gift basket.
  5. Bottle cap catcher.
    With this bottle cap catcher, you eliminate the mess of bottle caps lying around. This is especially beneficial if there are small children or pets in the house where a bottle cap on the ground can be dangerous. This particular catcher immediately puts the bottles in the clear case, and it holds 30 caps.
  6. Candles.
    A sweet smelling candle is nice to freshen up the air with a pleasant scent. Candles can also create a nice atmosphere for a dinner or entertaining. Yankee Candle makes holiday themed scents like this autumn wreath candle.
  7. Flameless candles.
    If your recipient has small kids or dogs, another route are these flameless candles. A flameless candle can add to the ambiance without adding the possible danger of a flame, especially around kids or pets. This particular set comes with three candles that are scented vanilla. It also has an on and off timer so you can set when you’d like candle to light up.
  8. Something edible.
    Something to munch on around the holidays is a great option. Choose items that don’t go bad too quickly or won’t take up too much room in their home. Homemade cookies, various types of nuts, gourmet olives, or anything else that could be used for entertaining is nice to have on hand. Hot chocolate or nice coffee is a good option too. Keep in mind if the recipient has any dietary restrictions.
  9. Coasters
    Coasters are always a safe bet as well because you can really never have too many since you can store them in different areas of your home.
  10. A picturesque book.
    It’s hard to buy someone a book. While you may have a favorite book that is a must read to you, they may not be a huge fan of reading or not like that particular type of material. But a book like The World’s Must See Places is something that everyone could enjoy. Whether they love books, traveling, or simply can enjoy the beautiful photos, they can appreciate this book. The book features more than 100 of the world’s greatest sights, organized throughout continents and countries. You can find more ideas in the Book Gift Guide.
  11. Winter gear.
    Now that it is getting colder, an extra pair of gloves, a scarf, or winter heat is nice to have on hand.
  12. A gift card.
    There are plenty of places you can get a gift card for under $20. A coffee shop like Starbucks, grocery store, iTunes, or even gas gift cards are all useful options for under $20. You can also do a gift card for a movie theatre to give your recipient a night out at the movies. Purchase a gift card from a store like Target or Walmart, and they will definitely put it to good use.
  13. Candy.
    Edible gifts are a safe bet. If you know they don’t have any dietary restrictions, a nice sweet treat will be well received.

Does your work, school, family, or other organization participate in Secret Santa? What was the best reasonably priced Secret Santa gift you’ve ever received? What are some other suggestions for great Secret Santa gifts that are under $20?

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