Holiday Grab Gift Ideas to Kick Off Your Holiday Shopping

Posted by Adrienne on October 15, 2013

Believe it or not, it’s already time to kick off our annual holiday gift guide series! Let’s get started with something easy to start the countdown to the holidays this year: grab gift ideas!

The holiday season is soon upon us. Many of you are probably involved in one (if not more) holiday grabs. What do you buy as a gift when you’re not sure who will receive it? This can lead to rather boring gifts. (One of our first family yankee swaps resulted in us all trading gift cards around.) If you want to find gift card alternatives, here are some ideas for great grab gifts.


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Holiday Grab Gift Ideas

  1. Nostalgia Gifts.
    There are probably lots of things from your childhood that bring back great memories. While you may no longer play with your childhood toys, seeing a gift with them on it will bring a smile to your face. These Star Wars Chopsticks made an appearance in our family grab last year much to everyone’s delight.
  2. A Nice Knife.
    Have you ever tried to cut with a dull knife? I really think there is not much worse than a dull knife. I haven’t found many people who weren’t happy to have a great new knife. These seem to be a popular (read frequently traded for) item in grabs. A ceramic knife is a unique gift. Not everyone has used these before but I find that they stay sharp really well.
  3. Car Emergency Kit.
    If most of the people in your grab have cars then an Emergency Car Kit is something that many people need but may not have purchased for themselves. This falls along the lines of things you don’t really think about but will be very happy that you have if you need it.
  4. Unique Ingredients.
    If there are a number of cooks in your grab then unique ingredients are a great gift. Buy something they can use but might not have purchased for themselves. One of my favorite things to bake with is real vanilla beans. These are very very expensive when purchased at a supermarket but can be bought in bulk online for a fraction of the cost. Vanilla ice cream made with real vanilla = YUM. Another idea is truffle salt. Have you ever tried this? It turns simple things like eggs or popcorn into foods you are now dreaming about.
  5. Sports Blanket.
    The great thing about a blanket is that it fits everyone (the same cannot be said of something like a shirt). Getting a blanket of everyone’s favorite team can be a great grab gift. I love a blanket for the holidays too because it’s blanket weather. Here’s an example from my home team.
  6. Local Gift Basket.
    You can make holiday gift baskets for your hometown or you can pick another location. Put together some local treats (coffees, pastries, chocolates) or even trinkets (magnets, mugs, etc.) that represent a city or even country. This could also be a group idea where everyone picks a place and you have to guess the location based on what is in the basket. This can give even more entertainment to the grab.

What are some of your favorite grab gifts to give or to get?

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