What Do You Really Want for Christmas?

Posted by Madison on November 27, 2013

Our holiday gift guide series continues this week with a fun twist… what people really want for Christmas!

It’s fun to work on holiday gift lists for others, but let’s face it, the hardest person to make a list for is yourself. Especially as an adult, I find that when anyone asks me “What do you want for Christmas?” I never have any ideas. Do you ever find yourself in the same situation?

I know that I find it’s much easier to shop for someone else if they give me some ideas, even if they aren’t specific, so they would probably appreciate it if we could do the same for them. Just a few ideas on a wishlist could trigger some inspiration for various gifts.

To give you some inspiration and help create a list of what people really want for Christmas I asked Simply Contests readers to share what is on their wishlist this holiday season in the Bodycology Gift Set Giveaway. (There’s more about the Simply Contests site in our $100 Cash Holiday Giveaway.)


What Do You Really Want for Christmas?

The most popular responses I saw over and over again were ipads, Kindle Fires, laptops and Keurig coffee makers. Here are the rest:

  1. DSLR Camera. A DSLR camera. Hopefully Santa thinks I have been VERY good! – Jennifer
  2. Lego Set. The Millennium Falcon Lego! – Stephen
  3. Silhouette Cameo. Oh I would LOVE to get a Silhouette Cameo! – Wendy
  4. Ninja. I’m hoping for a Ninja! – Leah
  5. Flat Screen TV. I want a big flat screen smart tv, around 50 inches. – LaQuita
  6. Radar Detector. I am in need of a really good radar/laser detector, to save me some money in tickets!! I drive A LOT. – carla
  7. Computer. A new computer – aby459
  8. Boots. A pair of cute winter boots are on my holiday wishlist this year! – TrippyCusp93
  9. Food Processor. On my wish list this holiday season that I hope to receive as a gift is a food processor! – Pam
  10. Personalized Jewelry. I would like a personalized family necklace. – Angela
  11. Health and Happiness. On my Christmas wish list this year is that my children and family is happy, healthy and safe. That each one of them feels loved and are happy. – liszadean
  12. Refrigerator. I would love a new fridge. – Darlene
  13. Tablet. I want an android tablet for Christmas – Athena
  14. Baking Sheets. I would love new baking sheets! – Kristie
  15. Quiet. A dull moment. – Aimee
  16. Chaise. We are in the process of redoing our home library so I’m hoping for a chaise lounge. That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever put on my list. (other than a piano when I was a child) – Georgia
  17. Actifry. I want an actifry!! – paulette
  18. Computer Accessories. I’m wishing for a scanner for my computer. – Sarah
  19. Address Book. I need a new address book. My old one is a mess! – Diane
  20. Seeing Family. I would love my sister’s family to come down for Christmas. I have not seen them in awhile and it seems like something is missing during the holidays without them here. – Cristi
  21. Telescope. I would love to get a telescope for my son. – heather
  22. New House. A new house is on my wishlist but I don’t think I’ll get it. But I will settle for a new pair of shoes! – Virginia
  23. Smart Phone. A smart phone, I don’t have one – Melanie
  24. Quilt. I want a new quilt for our bed. – Ann
  25. Celebrate. My wishlist is for my family to be healthy and celebrate the real Reason for the Season! – Alexis
  26. Vacuum. I want a new vacuum and some dresses. – Cheryl
  27. Carpet. I want new carpeting for my living room. – Beth
  28. Food. I want to load up my freezer! – Kathy
  29. Perfume. I want an Escada mini perfume set. – Sara
  30. Skis. I’m looking forward to a set of cross country skis – Diana
  31. Kitchen Cart. Kitchen utility cart – Helen
  32. Scarf and Gloves. I really want new gloves and a matching knit scarf. Simple, so hopefully I’ll get it. – Lisa
  33. Monitor. Seriously considering a new monitor like the ASUS PB278Q 27-Inch. – ech
  34. CD. I asked My Wonderful Husband directly for this: The new Damaris Carbaugh CD (Christian–FABULOUS, gifted singer!). – Mrs. R.
  35. Building. The best gift I could ask for would be getting started on the building process of our new house. – Nikki
  36. Mattress. I would like a new mattress! – Courtney
  37. Entertainment System. One item on my holiday wish list is a new entertainment system for our TV. Thinking I’ll start looking around Black Friday. – Alaina
  38. Nexus. I want a new Google Nexus! – jamie
  39. Area Rug. An area rug for my living room would be amazing! – Kelli
  40. Dog. I want an English bulldog puppy for Christmas. =) They are just soooo cute!! – Kaci
  41. PJs. I really would love a set of flannel PJs. – Patricia
  42. Handbag. I would love a Coach purse. – Cathy
  43. KitchenAid Mixer. I am hoping to get a KitchenAid Mixer. – Tammy S
  44. Cash. I really want cash instead of gifts. I know that sounds funny but I prefer that over a gift that I might never use. – Jessica
  45. Bean Bag Chair. I would like a XL Plush Bean Bag Chair. – Evelyn
  46. Tuition. I would like for my hubby and I wishes to come true this Christmas, an Apple computer, and Spring tuition paid for – Paol
  47. Robe. I would love to receive a new robe and matching slippers – Robin
  48. Dressmakers Dummy. I really want a dressmakers dummy. – Brianne
  49. DVD. Only thing on my wish list is a certain DVD. I prefer to give. – Jane
  50. Newlywed Christmas. I’m just wishing to spend a nice first Christmas with my husband to be! – Natasha
  51. Sodastream. I would also like to get a Sodastream – Georgette
  52. Tickets. tickets to an Adele concert and a trip to Europe – ashley
  53. Dishwasher. A new dishwasher. – Linda
  54. Time with Grandkids. The best gift I could get would be day with all my children and grand children. – Paula
  55. Pasta Maker. I really want the pasta attachment for my KitchenAide mixer. – Kari
  56. Jewelry Repair. My wedding ring needs to be repaired. – Connie
  57. Weekend Trip. A weekend trip away with my hubby. – Amanda
  58. Juicer. A juicer is at the top of my wishlist this yr. – Jessica
  59. Manicure Set. My wish list item is the Red Carpet Manicure Pro gel polish kit. I enjoy the little things and would love to have a way to pamper myself at home. – Leeann
  60. Roaster. On my wish list is an 18 quart roaster and new carpet for my kitchen. – Mary
  61. Furniture. I would like some bookcases for the holiday. – Tayden
  62. Bike. A bike. – Jay
  63. Pots and Pans. A new, good, set of pots and pans. – Beckie
  64. Vitamix. A vitamix blender! – One Frugal Girl
  65. Warm Sweater. I am hoping for a sweater. It’s cold where I live! – Courtney
  66. Exercise Bike. I would love an exercise bike. – virgomomwriter
  67. Sewing Machine. I am hoping for a sewing machine. – Andrina
  68. Renovation. A new bedroom suite – beth
  69. Lawn Mower. I would like a new mower. – Helga
  70. Coat. A winter coat – Wade
  71. Blu-ray Player. I would love to have a Blu-ray player! – Vikki
  72. Gift Cards. I love getting gift cards! My husband and I come up with a list of things we need and we buy those things for ourselves using our gift cards. – Carly
  73. An Engagement. I’m wishing for an engagement ring! – Miki
  74. Apron. A new apron. Exciting I know! – stephland3
  75. Relaxation. I want a nice quiet trip to relax after the holidays – Danielle
  76. Living Room Set. I want a new couch/loveseat combo. – Dawn
  77. Chair. New recliner for our living room. – Karen
  78. Pillows. At the top of my list is two memory foam pillows. – Dawn
  79. Wheel Barrow. A two wheeled wheelbarrow. I work outside a lot during the spring and summer and would love one to make work outside a bit easier! – Brandy
  80. Puzzle. A new thin throw and a nice puzzle for rainy day inside – gen
  81. Parfum. I would love to get Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Eau De Parfum! – Annemarie
  82. Clothes. I need some new clothes. Lost a lot of weight and need nice clothes for work. – Kristen
  83. Small Things. There’s not really anything big that I want this year. I’m content. A shirt, a book, a couple other small things. – Shecki
  84. Alaskan Vacation. Wishing for a vacation….. ALASKA…… – MARTHA
  85. Roller Skates. I hope to receive a pair of quad roller skates. – Adrianne
  86. Money to Pay Bills. I would just like money, it would help pay off some of our bills! – Theresa
  87. Groceries. I would like money, gift cards, groceries – pretty much any items that enable me to spend less throughout the year. – Mary
  88. Pick My Own Gifts. I love getting GCs so I can pick out my own gifts. – Vicki
  89. Lotion. Lotion, socks and a foot massage. – karen
  90. Shopping Spree. Cash to go on a shopping spree. – Alaina
  91. Kitchen Gadget. I want some new kitchen gadget – sandwich maker, pressure cooker, etc. – Noel
  92. Immersion Blender. A Cuisinart immersion blender – Clara
  93. Peace on Earth. I wish for Peace on Earth. – Debbie

What do you really want for Christmas?

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