$100 Cash Holiday Giveaway

Posted by Madison on November 4, 2013

It’s time for a holiday giveaway for My Dollar Plan readers! We’re kicking off this week with Free Money: a special $100 holiday giveaway just for you!

We’re giving away $100 to celebrate the relaunch of our Simply Contests site.

We also thought it would be fun to celebrate the new $100 bill that was just put into circulation. Have you seen one yet?

$100 Cash Holiday Giveaway

Picture of the New 100 Dollar Bill

Simply Contests Giveaways

Long time readers will remember that the contest channel here at My Dollar Plan got a new home a few years back: Simply Contests. The contest site now features lots of giveaways for readers to enter and win. During the holidays we’re hosting giveaways that will make great gifts this holiday season:

How Far Can $100 Stretch During the Holidays?

One of my favorite traditions this time of year is our Holiday Gift Guide series. Hopefully, you can put the $100 to good use and stretch it among many amazing, inexpensive, frugal and last minute gifts this holiday season!

Win $100 Cash

A lucky My Dollar Plan reader will win $100 cash. Of course, if you prefer not to receive cash in the mail, we can send it via Paypal or in the form of an Amazon gift card.

And just for fun, if we get lots of entries, we’ll host another holiday giveaway!

The giveaway ends: December 13, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST.

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Comments to $100 Cash Holiday Giveaway

  1. Keep a photo of your goal taped to the front of your credit card. You want to buy a house, travel to Italy clip a picture and tape it. Whenever you want to spend needlessly the picture will help remind you of your goal.

    One Frugal Girl

  2. Do it the old fashioned way…keep a jar where you throw in all your change and watch it add up.


  3. Putting the money in my paypal would help me not burn through the gift of $100. Thanks.


  4. Always google “coupon” with the name of the store you plan to shop at first to see if there are any coupons you could use. Also credit cards rewards points!

    Clara H

  5. Have money automatically deducted from pay check – don’t miss what you don’t see!


  6. try befrugal.com


  7. Always use rewards cards and, if shopping online, using ebates and related websites!


  8. My money saving tip is to check online for savings coupons before shopping at the store, you can often find 20% off your total order coupons or more, for many stores. I just print them out before I go.

    Kelly D

  9. Use credit card reward points to buy gift cards for birthday and holiday gifts.


  10. Remind yourself that spending more money doesn’t always mean you’re better off. Living within your means is good because you can actually save more money. People with the mindset that they need to keep spending money beyond their means are the ones that live paycheck-to-paycheck and can’t seem to budget or save.


  11. Make saving automatic, with automatic deductions from your paycheck into your 401k, HSA or any other type of savings accounts.

    Joe K

  12. Rewards cards, swagbucks, ibotta, target redcard for the 5% cashback

    Sue K

  13. Make and enjoy yummy food at home

    Tracy P

  14. I like using wallaby to find out which credit cards will get me the most points for my purchases.


  15. I can already feel the $100 added to my Amazon account now!

    Michael Zoril

  16. I save money by unplugging appliances when not in use. I never leave a room with a light on.

    Ann Barham

  17. I save money by making fewer trips to the stores. I save a lot by buying larger amounts less frequently and cooking at home.

    Mary Beth Elderton

  18. Shop online with Ebates.com to get credit card points PLUS affiliate kickbacks.

    Jennifer S

  19. I don’t buy expensive shaving gels. I shave my legs using the cheapest hair conditioner I can find. Not only do I get an incredibly close shave, my legs are perfectly moisturized!


  20. Living frugally, occasionaly I skip a week of grocery shopping and see if I can go a week or 2 without spending anything (except gas of course). Thank you for all your helpful articles.


  21. My tip is to check out the printable coupons and pair with store sales!


  22. Wait until the stuff you want goes on sale.


  23. Coupons!! I coupon and it saves me loads of money!

    Kaci Guisinger Harrison

  24. My best money saving tip is to shop the ads for the great deals and use coupons as much as possible!

    Amy Orvin

  25. When there’s something expensive you are just dying to buy, put it on hold for 30 days – see if you still want it just as much in a month, then buy it. Usually, you’ll be over it!


  26. Favorite money tip: Buy gift cards at grocery store to get gas rewards.


  27. I use a produce co-op to save money

    Alecia H

  28. Search for coupons and stack deals. Also use rewards programs.

    shantelle stately

  29. Always save 20% of your income no matter how much you earn and make it a habit!

    Jonathan C

  30. I enter sweepstakes and giveaways. Not only the big ones, but the blog giveaways like this. I have picked up a few Christmas presents that way. No big hits yet. Also I have tons of free samples. That saves on money.

    Evelyn Chuter

  31. My money making tip–I enter sweepstakes and when I win, use it to pay for the things I need (gas, groceries, etc)..then I put what I would have spent on those things into savings.


  32. money saving tip: collect coupons from the paper and printing from the Internet then match coupons to items on sale at local stores to get maximum savings per item.


  33. I save the heels of bread (no one will eat) and use them for making bread crumbs, croutons, stuffing, etc.

    Patricia Dugan

  34. Avoiding prepackaged food and cooking at home. 🙂


  35. Fave saving tip: Using as many store savings cards as I can get my hands on.

    Helen Jo

  36. I regularly use shop at a grocery store that gives me reward points as well as gas coupons. I’m buying food anyways so it makes sense to get a little something in return. They add up!


  37. My favorite money saving tip is to wait 30 days before purchasing something you think you want.


  38. I would definitely say using coupons combined with store sales and loyalty programs.




  40. My money savings tip is to buy dicsounted giftcards online and to always use coupons!


  41. Target 5% off debit card and coupons!


  42. My money saving tip is to figure out how much cash you need per payperiod for gas, groceries, wal-mart, allowance, etc and make pouches for each of them. When you get paid, put money in each pouch. Once money is done, so is spending!


  43. We have a rewards card, and I take online surveys to help make extra money 🙂

    Becca Wilson

  44. I always manually save at least 20% of each paycheck.


  45. I use coupons and sales to save money. i have especially been enjoying stacking the new target cartwheel with coupons and the red card


  46. When shopping online look for promo codes on retailmenot.com and similar sites to save money on your orders.


  47. sales and coupons

    Kim H

  48. I like coupons, BOGO. I particularly like when CVS (local store) has products on sale and then offers store bucks too. Cha-ching.

    Paula V

  49. My favorite money making tip; Sell the things you aren’t using. Making a buck off something you own feels good, but getting rid of clutter feels even better!

    Bailey S

  50. you really got to invest in real gold and get out of the banks

    Kelly Nicholson

  51. Think twice and then thrice before spending money on anything that is not a strict necessity!

    John Leahy

  52. I shop online to save gas and sales tax, but only buy when the shipping costs are free or very reasonable.

    Ann Fantom

  53. save $10 of your earnings a month

    Kiera M.

  54. Money saving tip – use ebates, befrugal, coupon catcus….any site to pay you to shop online!


  55. Anytime I want to make a major purchase, such as a new piece of technology, I force myself to sell the older model (or another item) on Amazon or Ebay to help defray the cost!

    Geoff K

  56. My fave money making tip is selling your kids’ old and gently used items on eBay or to your local consignment!

    Adrianne B

  57. I would say using coupons regularly… a great money saving tip for sure!!!

    melisas cushing

  58. Always keep your eyes peeled for change on the ground.


  59. Money making tip- sign up for market research and make easy money by simply sharing your opinions.


  60. I use coupons and look for sales. I shop when I get the most % off when I have coupon for clothes and shoes.

    Terry Madden

  61. Use coupons & rewards cards. I also make many of my own household cleaners

    Julie W

  62. Use coupons! It really never fails!

    Amanda Sakovitz

  63. entering sweepstakes online while i watch tv


  64. Meal plan. Helps me save so much at the store

    Chelsee Epperly

  65. We make $ stretch through making meals in a jar. We make dozens at a time – and it saves us money, time, and from eating out!

    Sheree Hartung

  66. Any time I need to make a purchase I always check ebay first.


  67. My tip is to use coupons.


  68. I’ve saved lots of money using daily deal sites like Groupon.

    Diane L.

  69. Always use coupons

    Danielle D

  70. I save money by shopping when there are sales and using coupons.

    Tiffany W

  71. Ti try to limit my time in the stores. Go in with a plan and get out.


  72. buy what you need, save for the things you want.


  73. My favorite money saving tip is to use coupons and shop the ads.


  74. Always, always look for a coupon! Another good way to save money is round up all your purchases and record that….the extra change here and there really adds up.

    Wendy R.

  75. my best tip is to buy less ‘wants’ and mainly buy ‘needs’. it’s amazing how many things i want end up barely being used, and end up being just a waste of money….and the fewer ‘wants’ i buy, the more i find i value the ones i do buy.

    kath g

  76. My tip is to put a certain percentage of your paycheck into a jar every paycheck or every other paycheck

    Crystal H

  77. I always use coupons and digital coupons loaded onto my rewards card for the atore that I shop at.

    Cassandra D.

  78. we use coupons whenever possible and shop on sale days

    Steve Stone

  79. checking deal sites is a great way to save money

    Adrienne Gordon

  80. My tip – always use a coupon!

    Jennifer Rote

  81. I use coupons when shopping online and enter giveaways

    kport207 at gmail dot com


  82. I always make a list before going so I know exactly what I need and I buy in bulk with coupons if possible!

    Cassie Korando

  83. Always pay yourself first!!! Won’t miss (so much) what you don’t see!

    Heather W

  84. looks for coupon codes when shoppig on- and offline


  85. I like to stack coupons with a sale. Sometimes I can get things for free.


  86. I love looking for coupons and emailing companies directly to request for coupons for the products I love.


  87. I set up monthly automatic deposits from my checking account to an investment account. Helps me save my own money, and over time, make some money too.


  88. fine is to clip coupons & use them when items are on sale.

    Chrystal D

  89. I try to earn rewards on Swagbucks and other sites, and use them for things I need to buy anyways.


  90. I like to shop clearance sales all year, you get the best deals on everything you need.

    Christine M

  91. Use coupons whenever possible.

    Colleen Boudreau

  92. I make sure I save money for the future and I don’t spend more than I have.

    Michele B.

  93. People often ask me how I can afford to travel. I like to point out that most people have something they are willing to spend their money on- coffee drinks, video games, movies, etc. so my advice is to stop spending that money for a month and save it somewhere instead where they can see how much it amounts to…typically they can afford plane tickets somewhere in no time 😉


  94. Using coupons and cooking delicious healthy meals at home!

    Ellen Anderson

  95. I post tons of stuff to craigslist every month and see what people go for. Sometimes I even list items that I want to keep unless someone inquires.


  96. My favorite tip is to plan your meals around what is already on sale.

    Sara Cunningham

  97. Bing Toolbar 😛


  98. Store you treasures up in heaven!


  99. Only buy things you NEED not WANT. Big difference between the two

    Angela W

  100. Never pay full price for Clothes

    April Brenay

  101. round up purchases in your checking ledger and just use the round up as an extra cushion

    tina reynolds

  102. make purchases in the off season! I just got my kids swimsuits for next summer at 97% off!


  103. Matching up coupons and sales.




  105. Signing up for reward clubs through email.


  106. Decide which items are really ok to buy the generic version. For example, Lucky Charms or the malt o meal version of it that gives you twice as much for the same price. The kids don’t care; they just want the marshmellows.

    Danette DW

  107. I usually cook more than I need so that the leftovers can be used for the next days lunch.


  108. A good way to save money is to stock up on grocery items when they are on sale.

    Cindy H

  109. use ebates.com

    Kyl Neusch

  110. I save 10% of my paycheck!


  111. Do not buy things just because you have a coupon for them. If you have a coupon for something you probably will not use tape it on the product in the store for someone else.


  112. slow down to save gas and tire wear

    ML Jefferson

  113. I use coupons with sales and comp ads.


  114. Any big purchases I check for competitive prices on eBay and Amazon.


  115. We use coupons and buy generic products.

    Chris Martinez

  116. never shop without coupons or gift cards

    janna johnson

  117. stop buying crap you don’t NEED – tada easy peasy – we don’t need 4 different kinds of bread, 5 kinds of mustard, 4 different kinds of pickles, 7 salad dressings, 6 kinds of spaghetti, etc…

    Daniel M

  118. drink water when eating out!


  119. Shop sales & use coupons.

    David Holder

  120. Money saving tip: Cook at home- make one BIG meal a week to eat on throughout the week for lunches. Eat out less. cook at home more. Healhier (usually) too. 🙂


  121. My best money saving tip is to stay out of Target and to stay off of stores websites. 🙂

    lauren knott

  122. My best tip for saving money is to stick to a strict budget..no splurging on unneccesary items.

    June Minard

  123. Pay with cash so you don’t pay banks interest.

    Sonya Morris

  124. Use as many coupons on things you need as you can!

    Victoria Carlson

  125. We have a strict budget 🙂

    Jara Christensen

  126. Last minute gift ideas: liked the gas card, clearance item from Kohls and tree!


  127. I love combining coupons with sales.
    Thanks for the chance.

    Monique Rizzo

  128. Fave tips are cutting and using coupons, entering contests, and testing products.


  129. My favorite money saving tip is to establish a change jar and when it fills up, roll the change and take it to the bank!

    Ben G

  130. Buy used and save the difference whenever possible.

    Cindy B

  131. eat at home,coupons, rewards cards, sales and don’t buy stuff unless you really need it

    Kelley Chapman

  132. I always search for the lowest price that the item sold at and try to find it for around that price or wait unless I really need it.

    Andrina G

  133. Coupons and wait for sales.


  134. not eating out as much but making your meals at home after using many coupons.

    lisa l.

  135. Clip coupons, shop the deals!

    Tamra H

  136. Eat out less and belong to Sam’s or Costco. It’s worth it just for the savings on paper products.


  137. We cook most of our meals at home. It’s healthier and saves money.

    Julie B.

  138. Shopping sales and using coupons!


  139. I stock up when I see items that we use on sale.

    Sherri J

  140. When shopping online, I search the web high and low for the best promo code for the specific store I am planning on making a purchase from, price check to make sure I am getting the best deal and also look for free shipping promo code. I also have signed up for E-bates and enter that store through e-bates to get a check sent to me quarterly.

    Terry K

  141. When I get paid in cash (which I do fairly often) I take 25%-40% and put it directly into savings

    Traci Childs

  142. take advantage of all the reward programs stores offer and use coupons

    danielle d

  143. Use only cash and save all your change and $1s.


  144. COok and eat at home.


  145. Drink your coffee at home and put 2 bucks in the jar for your savings.

    Dawn Sweeps

  146. My favorite money saving tip is to buy a lot of what’s on sale and freeze it.


  147. Some stores allow you to stack store coupons and manufacturer coupons.

    Roy F.

  148. put 10 bucks away every check and use coupons!!!

    Beki Lozano

  149. We pay for pretty much everything on a rewards credit card which we pay off every month. We then use the rewards for presents at the end of the year. Groceries and gas really do add up.


  150. Always pay yourself out of your check first in a seperate account.


  151. I use a coupon with most everything I buy, and I’ve always made my own laundry detergent.

    Stephanie Larison

  152. Every paycheck i put so much back. It adds up!

    Anna E.

  153. When going back to work after having babies we put 50% away trying to live on one salary. We saved a lot!

    Margaret herron

  154. 2 pay checks but put one in the bank.

    Margaret herron

  155. Couponing and mystery shopping!


  156. Never shop when you are depressed.


  157. Ad matching helps me save money.

    Kay S

  158. My favorite money saving tip is to use coupons.

    april yedinak

  159. I put a little bit of money aside out of every check I receive.


  160. Pay in cash!


  161. Menu plan to stay on budget.


  162. Buy groceries when they are on sale, and then eat from the pantry


  163. Cut back on one takeout meal or fast food meal a week and put the money you wouldve spent in a jar. Youll be surprised how fast it adds up!


  164. Envelopes! It keeps me accountable to the money in the bank. Stop using plastic (credit cards) where possible!

    hailey b.

  165. Buy fruit and veggies in bulk during the summer when they’re dirt cheap. Then freeze them so that during the fall and winter you’ll have a variety of fruit & veggie options without breaking the bank 🙂


  166. Best tip is don’t go shopping until you absolutely have to. If you don’t go, you won’t spend!

    Selene M.

  167. create a budget and stay on that budget

    courtney b

  168. My tip is to buy used items whenever possible. We almost always buy used DVDs and it adds up to a huge difference for our entertainment budget! 🙂

    Lynda Thomas

  169. I do used coupons a lot and looking for best deals save some $$$.

    alena svetelska

  170. Don’t buy what you don’t need.

    Linda Kish

  171. shop the loss leaders and always stick to a list.


  172. Keeep a running talley of every dollar you spend on Christmas in your wallet. It’s eye opening.

    dawn k

  173. Keeping money divided into 2 or more places, such as having a savings account, is wise and helps alot!!


  174. For this holiday season, my best money saving tip is buy online. Subsribe to some newsletters like money saving mom & Burts bees. I also use be frugals website to get deals as well as retail me not. Must work the deals as best I can on an SSDS budget.


  175. I just try to buy things for the best quality possible at the lowest price. I like to use coupons too. I don’t care for famous brands either. I also don’t eat out much. I prefer to bring my own meals and snacks which are usually homemade.

    Jacquline Ontiveros

  176. My biggest money-saving tip, and I have a degree in Finance, is to plan your meals out for the week. Only shop once a week for the entire week, except if you run out of staples, like milk, eggs, etc. Stick to your list! Try not to eat out at all, but at least not more than once per week.

    Amanda Moutos

  177. Using Swagbucks and Mypoints to get amazon cards and restaurant gift cards is a good way to save money.


  178. Using cash works well!


  179. I buy used and save the difference.

    Jennifer Dunaway

  180. look at coupons


  181. I enjoy thrifting, so I look for things that I know are worth more than they are being sold for. Craigslist and ebay are my friends, and I have made money using them!

    Lesley M

  182. Always ask for a discount, even if you don’t think you’ll get one!

    Tommy Z

  183. Buy used when you can, watch for sales, use coupons…I love saving money any way I can!

    Randi S

  184. In order to save money, I try not to eat out as often and of course use coupons.

    Maria H

  185. We pay for everything in cash. When you can physically see it disappearing it makes it more painful to spend!


  186. My husband saves money all year round for out Anniversaries. In fact her so cute he still calls them our Honeymoon.

    Christina Sparks

  187. I always got through ebates first…I have saved so much money doing this.

    lisa l.

  188. cutting coupons.

    Christopher Burrell

  189. My tip is to use coupons when you can and shop during sales.

    Brittney House

  190. I save all the money I get from returning our bottles.

    Rebecca Peters

  191. My fav money saving tip is to always price check!

    Tom Lester

  192. My tip is to shop with cash to avoid impulse buys.

    Lisa Garner

  193. My best tip is coupons!

    Amy stonger

  194. I save money by never leaving my house. Okay, I do leave my house sometimes but I find whenever I get in my car and leave, I’m going to spend money so I try to combine all my shopping and errands in one all day excursion.

    Karen Matlock

  195. I price match and use coupons 🙂

    Karrie Millheim

  196. My very best cost saving tip is to get organized…know what food you have in the pantry and freezer and use what you have before it expires. Use store coupons and manufacture coupons and stack them on a sale item to get the item at its lowest cost. Everyone has to eat so figured it would apply to all.

    Margie Young

  197. Plan a meal list for week when at store according to my coupons. Always saves me a ton

    Shana F

  198. Never shop without coupons and a written plan to stay on track

    lorayne gothard

  199. Never shop online without checking for a coupon code!

    Priscilla S.

  200. When shopping I compare prices for the best deals and look for discount codes.


  201. I shop at thrift stores and dollar stores.
    Thanks for the contest.

    Sarah L

  202. I don’t buy anything I don’t really need. I only buy things that are on sale and use coupons.

    Misha Estrada

  203. I use sites like Ebates.com to get cash back off of online purchases and always check retailmenot.com for coupons.


  204. Pay yourself first. When you get paid takes some and put aside in your savings first. Then pay bills.

    Kathy Luman

  205. Only eat out once a month, it will save to tons of money to eat at home.


  206. Use coupons and avoid impulsive buying


  207. Search for coupon codes before shopping online.

    Lin Gorenkoff

  208. my favorite money saving tip is to eliminate as many monthly bills as possible starting with cable. I have netflix which is only $8 a month and that’s enough TV for me.

    susan smoaks

  209. I use coupons and always pay with cash so I don’t go over my budget.

    Susan Smith

  210. Don’t carry a credit card balance and use rewards cards for all purchases.

    Jim S

  211. I use ebates and love samples for gifts and traveling


  212. We have a checking account set up as our Christmas fund and deposit money out of each paycheck throughout the year.

    Beth Klocinksi

  213. I will only shop sales.

    Jason B

  214. I try to just carry cash when I shop, instead of relying on a credit card.

    Gwen B.

  215. When shopping online go to sites such as Reatilmenot and Ebates. You will save a lot of money with deals such as free shipping and cash back on purchases.


  216. Combining sales and coupons and getting the rest where they are the cheapest.

    Kathleen M Smith

  217. i save all of my loose change and cash it in at the end of the year. this is usually how we are able to afford vacations.


  218. Lots of coupon clipping…

    Lisa Vanhook

  219. Buy store brand instead of name brand 🙂

    Abby C.

  220. Compare prices before buying, use coupons (for both retail and grocery) and eat at home vs. eating out.

    Cassandra French

  221. i make small steps toward saving. Small cuts make a big difference.

    Trisha McKee

  222. Use coupons and follow the sales to lower your bills!

    Annemarie Z.

  223. I stock up on things when they’re on sale and always use coupons!


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