Finance Tips: Happy Holidays!

Posted by Kate on December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays from all of us at My Dollar Plan! We hope you have plans to enjoy the holiday week with your family and friends. If you end up with a few extra minutes, here are some great personal finance reads that are worth checking out! Source: Christopher S. Penn Finance Reads Four Ways to […]

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Finance Tips: $5 off $25 at Amazon

Posted by Kate on December 8, 2012

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’re headed into the big holiday season. Get inspired to keep your budget on track with some of these great reads! Source: programwitch Announcements $5 off $25 at Amazon: Amazon is running their $5 off $25 Facebook promo again this year. You have to hurry, it ends this weekend. Details: […]

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Finance Tips: Small Business Saturday Sign Up

Posted by Kate on November 18, 2012

We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy gathering with family and friends this week. If you catch any downtime, enjoy some of these finance tips! Source: ReneS Announcements Don’t forget today is the day to signup for your American Express $25 Small Business Saturday Shopping Credit! Finance Reads Secrets to Shopping Costco, […]

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Finance Tips: 5 Types of Insurance to Avoid

Posted by Kate on October 28, 2012

As you gear up for Halloween this week, make sure to take some time to check out some of these great reads! Source: wwarby Finance Reads 5 Types of Insurance to Avoid – There are so many types of insurance out there and I find it one of the most confusing things to investigate so […]

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There are lots of great articles this week about making, saving and investing money! Source: atoach Finance Reads 8 Things to Make Your Life Easier (and Cheaper) – A good list that covers a lot of different areas! -Three Thrifty Guys Making Extra Money During the Holidays – I’ll definitely be taking a look at some […]

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Finance Tips: How to Turn a Hobby Into a Business

Posted by Kate on October 7, 2012

Whether you’re in the midst of a job change, looking to maximize your potential or just wondering how other people are handling their finances, we have something for you in this week’s collection of personal finance articles! source: DonkeyHotey Finance Reads How to Turn a Hobby Into a Business – If you have the right […]

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Finance Tips: Making Lots and Still Not Enough to Retire

Posted by Kate on September 30, 2012

We hope you’re enjoying everything Fall has to offer – pumpkin picking, football, apple cider and soon, Halloween! Autumn has also brought with it a bunch of great personal finance reads so make sure to check them out. Finance Reads People Making a Lot of Money Still Don’t Have Enough to Retire – We see […]

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Finance Tips: How Long Will $1 Million Last in Retirement?

Posted by Kate on September 23, 2012

Football season is in full swing here in the States so take some time to unwind from a fun weekend with these great personal finance articles! source: Pete Prodoehl Finance Reads See How Long $1 Million Will Last in Retirement – Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words. These infographics sure were! -Saving to Inve$t […]

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Autumn brings with it new school supplies, new wardrobes and other expenses so make sure to read these personal finance articles to keep your personal finance motivation on track! source: Marufish Finance Reads Working From Home Is More Productive Than Being in The Office – An interesting read as more and more people look to work […]

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Finance Tips: Should You Tip?

Posted by Kate on September 9, 2012

As Fall approaches, make sure you take some time away from football and back-to-school craziness to read some of these great personal finance articles! source: Daniel Y. Go Finance Reads Should You Tip? – Tipping is such a funny topic and this has some really good thoughts on it. -brip blap Saving Money by Being Friendly […]

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