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Finance Tips: Making Lots and Still Not Enough to Retire

We hope you’re enjoying everything Fall has to offer – pumpkin picking, football, apple cider and soon, Halloween! Autumn has also brought with it a bunch of great personal finance reads [1] so make sure to check them out.

Finance Reads

People Making a Lot of Money Still Don’t Have Enough to Retire [2] – We see this time and time again but it’s a good reminder that it doesn’t matter how much you make, it’s how much you save! -Lazy Man and Money

How Co-operative Housing Works [3] – I had heard of “co-ops” before but never really understood exactly what they were. This was very informative. -Million Dollar Journey

6 Things You Don’t Need to Spend Money On [4] – This was an intriguing title and had some great tips, especially about batteries! -FreeMoneyFinance

5 Smart Moves for Lottery Winners, Inheritances, & Maybe Even You [5] – A good reminder for anyone who has come into money, no matter how much or how little. -Money Smart Life

Saving to Travel: How I saved $1,210 (Painlessly) for a A Yoga Retreat [6] – I love reading stories of people with a goal to save for and seeing the steps they take to get there, no matter what the goal is. -The Jenny Pincher

Basic and Inexpensive Kitchen and Medicine Cabinet Cleaners [7] – Some good ideas for cutting down on cleaning expenses. -The Sun’s Financial Diary

6 Cheap and Easy Home Improvements that Make a Big Difference [8] – A great read for any homeowners, whether you’re looking to improve your chances of selling or have just moved in! -Three Thrifty Guys

Carnival of Personal Finance [9] – Kristen shared, 11 Ways to Save on Food in College [10] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.