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Finance Tips: Should You Tip?

As Fall approaches, make sure you take some time away from football and back-to-school craziness to read some of these great personal finance articles [1]!

source: Daniel Y. Go [2]

Finance Reads

Should You Tip? [3] – Tipping is such a funny topic and this has some really good thoughts on it. -brip blap

Saving Money by Being Friendly (Again) [4] – A good reminder that it pays to be kind! -Free Money Finance

Real Estate: To Invest or Not to Invest? That is the Question. [5] – A good reflection on investing in real estate. -Lazy Man and Money

Learn How to Haggle in 6 Easy Steps [6] – It never hurts to negotiate on price. These are some great tips on how to. -Million Dollar Journey

How to Effectively Sell Your Stuff on eBay [7] – Selling some of your stuff is a really good way to make some money and clear clutter and eBay is a great place to start. -Money Ning

Bigger Sizes Aren’t Always Cheaper [8] – This article’s title was surprising to me so it made for an interesting read! -Money Beagle

Pay Off Student Debt Early? [9] – I know paying off my student debt early was a huge priority for me and it was great because it got me thinking about finances in general. However, it’s not necessarily the right choice for everyone. -Money Smart Life

Carnival of Personal Finance [10] – Amanda answered the question, Should You Lend Money to Friends and Family? [11] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.