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Finance Tips: What Employees Really Do When Working From Home

Autumn brings with it new school supplies, new wardrobes and other expenses so make sure to read these personal finance articles [1] to keep your personal finance motivation on track!

source: Marufish [2]

Finance Reads

Working From Home Is More Productive Than Being in The Office [3] – An interesting read as more and more people look to work from home. Be sure to check out the fun graphic on what employees really do when they are working from home. -Saving to Inve$t

5 Perks to Negotiate When a Raise Isn’t an Option [4] – I thought these were great ideas to consider if you’re working for a cash-crunched company. -FreeMoneyFinance

7 Simple Ways To Save By Organizing Your Finances [5] – This article makes a really good argument for how just a little organization can make a big difference in your financial picture. -Money Ning

Family Travel Tips On A Budget [6] – A good list of tips for cutting costs on travel, some that I wouldn’t have thought of! -Money Beagle

8 Ways to Cut Down Your Dining Out Expenses [7] – The first line of this article was enough to get my attention: “Do you know what you need to spend per day for a year to waste $10,000? Just $27.40 a day.” -The Jenny Pincher

5 Savings Strategies that Won’t Actually Save You Money [8] – This is a good reminder that sometimes when you think you may be saving money, you’re actually not. -Stupid Cents

Spending vs. Saving – The Battle Between Spouses [9] – This takes a good look at the different types of spender/saver matches you can run into in a relationship. -Life and My Finances

Carnival Of Personal Finance [10] – Amanda answered the question, Will Cash Discounts Take Off After the Credit Card Settlement? [11] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.