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Finance Tips: How to Turn a Hobby Into a Business

Whether you’re in the midst of a job change, looking to maximize your potential or just wondering how other people are handling their finances, we have something for you in this week’s collection of personal finance articles [1]!

source: DonkeyHotey [2]

Finance Reads

How to Turn a Hobby Into a Business [3] – If you have the right hobby [4], you may be able to turn it into extra cash. This is a great, in-depth read on what you may need to do to make it successful. -GenXFinance.

A Game Plan for Making the Most of College [5] – A great read for any college applicants, current college students and their parents. -FreeMoneyFinance

Free Time and Productivity [6] – An interesting look at some of the drivers behind one’s productivity. -Brip Blap

How Often Should You Update Your Resume? [7] – You never know when you’ll need your resume – this is a great reminder on when to update it! -Money Smart Life

COBRA and Retroactive Health Insurance Coverage [8] – A must-read if you are transitioning between jobs and wondering about health insurance. -My Money Blog

Financial Checkup: Starting a Family with Big Student Loans [9] – I loved reading this story as I think it’s a situation that a lot of young people can relate to. -Money Under 30

Roth IRA 5 Year Rule on Withdrawals [10] – Hopefully you’ve already set up a Roth IRA and this will just be a good primer on withdrawal rules! -Free From Broke

Carnival Of Personal Finance [11] – Kristen highlighted 10 TV Shows to Watch to Save Money [12] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.