Finance Tips: Happy Holidays!

Posted by Kate on December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays from all of us at My Dollar Plan!

We hope you have plans to enjoy the holiday week with your family and friends. If you end up with a few extra minutes, here are some great personal finance reads that are worth checking out!

Finance Reads

Four Ways to Pay Off Your Home Faster Than You Thought Possible – For those of you who hate debt, this is an inspiring article. -Three Thrifty Guys

3 Things to Consider Before You Move – I really liked this article – a great read if you’re planning a move. -Stupid Cents

4 Ways to Buy Discounted Gift Cards – I often forget that there’s no need to buy gift cards at full price – this was a great reminder! -MoneySmartLife

Is $250k a Fortune? Depends Where You Live – A great reminder of how important cost of living is in determining how far your salary will go. -FreeMoneyFinance

How to Save Money In New York City – The Airport, Hotel Rooms, and Food. – NYC is a popular destination around the holidays and really, all year round. This has some great tips about saving money while traveling there! -Million Dollar Journey

Holiday Stain Removing Guide – This advice may help you save some money by avoiding having to replace stained clothes and tablecloths this holiday season! -Sun’s Financial Diary

The Lost Decade of Investing: Was All Really Lost? – I’ve often gotten discouraged about “the lost decade” (even though I haven’t been investing that long) so this was a very insightful read. -GenXFinance

Festival of Frugality – Kristen shared 8 Inexpensive Personalized Christmas Gifts in the Festival of Frugality.

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