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Finance Tips: Things to Make Your Life Easier (and Cheaper)

There are lots of great articles [1] this week about making, saving and investing money!

Source: atoach [2]

Finance Reads

8 Things to Make Your Life Easier (and Cheaper) [3] – A good list that covers a lot of different areas! -Three Thrifty Guys

Making Extra Money During the Holidays [4] – I’ll definitely be taking a look at some of these options this holiday season. -Stupid Cents

Planning To Roll Over Your 401K To An IRA? [5] – This was a good read for me because I am trying to determine in which tax year I want to do my rollover from my previous job. -The Digerati Life

Save Money on Software Programs and Tools [6] – An awesome list of free computer tools and programs! -Million Dollar Journey

Real Estate 101: Running the Numbers [7] – Some more great real estate info from FMF. -FreeMoneyFinance

Easy Reminders that Save You Money [8] – I thought this had some good ideas and also made me think of other reminders I can set for myself to help me save. -The Sun’s Financial Diary

How Debt Costs You More Than Money [9] – A good reminder that it’s more than just numbers that may go into a decision to pay down debt. -Money Smart Life

Smart Girl’s Guide to Life & Money: Cooking for One for Under $100 a Month [10] – I may have to challenge myself to trying this! -The Jenny Pincher

Carnival of Personal Finance [11] – Don shared Do the Rich Pay More or Less in Taxes? [12] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.