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Finance Tips: 5 Types of Insurance to Avoid

As you gear up for Halloween this week, make sure to take some time to check out some of these great reads [1]!

Source: wwarby [2]

Finance Reads

5 Types of Insurance to Avoid [3] – There are so many types of insurance out there and I find it one of the most confusing things to investigate so this offered some good tips. -Million Dollar Journey

Private Mortgage Insurance: What You Need to Know [4] – A must-read for anyone who is house-shopping and not sure if they’ll be able to put down a 20% downpayment. -Brip Blap

How To Save Money While Traveling Alone [5] – Some great ideas for how to save money if you’re traveling alone. -Stupid Cents

ETF Investing: Why Exchange Traded Funds Are In My Portfolio [6] – A good primer on Exchange Traded Funds! -The Digerati Life

Checking Out Annuities [7] – Annuities are an often misunderstood retirement option and this post helps shed some light on their pros and cons. -Free Money Finance

Selling Your Kids on Saving Money [8] – Some great tips on how to share financial responsibility with your kids! -The Sun’s Financial Diary

4 Ways to Maximize Travel Reward Credit Cards : Money Smart Life [9] – We’re big fans of travel rewards credit cards [10] and this article offered some good tips on how to make the most of different cards. -Money Smart Life

Carnival of Personal Finance [11] – Nick shared How to Handle a Financial Windfall [12] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.