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Finance Tips: How Long Will $1 Million Last in Retirement?

Football season is in full swing here in the States so take some time to unwind from a fun weekend with these great personal finance articles [1]!

source: Pete Prodoehl [2]

Finance Reads

See How Long $1 Million Will Last in Retirement [3] – Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words. These infographics sure were! -Saving to Inve$t

5 Tips for Building a Better Income Portfolio [4] – I didn’t know too much about income investing so found this to be an informative read. -Stupid Cents

Real Estate 101: Why You Should NOT Invest In Real Estate [5] – This article’s title sure got my attention since the last one I read on FMF came from the opposite side of the table! -FreeMoneyFinance

Tips To Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back [6] – Great tips for renters to keep in mind! -Money Ning

6 Ways to Invest in Gold [7] – I’m very unfamiliar with investing in commodities so this was a good primer on gold. -Million Dollar Journey

How Expensive Are Stocks Now? [8] – Some interesting thoughts on whether or not current stock prices are a bargain. -Lazy Man and Money

What You Need to Know about Long Term Care [9] – A great read for anyone doing retirement planning. -Brip Blap

Why Credit Cards Aren’t Evil: Benefits of Credit Cards [10] – If you’re an old reader, you know we’re big fans of credit cards here at MDP but if you’re new, this article will show you a few reasons why! -The Digerati Life

Carnival Of Personal Finance [11] – Nick answered the question, Will Social Security Be Around in 20 Years? [12] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.