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Chase Ink $100 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on October 29, 2010

Here’s a double bonus for Free Money Friday – Chase is offering an intro 0% APR plus a $100 sign up bonus on their Chase Ink card! How to Get Your $100 Sign Up Bonus Sign up for Chase Ink. Use your card. This includes purchases, balance transfers, or any checks used to access your account, but excludes cash […]

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What’s in My Wallet?

Posted by Madison on October 27, 2010

The Money Writers thought it would be fun to share the contents of our wallets with readers! Here’s a peek inside my wallet and the reasons why I carry each card. What I Carry in My Wallet and Why If you didn’t already know it, it’s going to become apparent that I really am a […]

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Student Loans: Repayment Options

Posted by Jill on October 26, 2010

This is the second in a series on student loans. Be sure to check out our previous post on the basics of student loans! After graduation, you typically have a 6 month grace period before loan payments are due. Interest does accrue during this period, so if you are a position to make payments earlier […]

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9 More Free Web Services

Posted by Amanda on October 25, 2010

Are you paying for Sudoku puzzles or sheet music? Do you have extra time at work and want to spend it on the internet without spending a dime? I am on a crusade to bring you more free web services that will save you money and provide free entertainment. Check below and see if you […]

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Do You Save First or Spend First?

Posted by Jill on October 21, 2010

I asked recently whether you thought a financial fast was right for you. I’ve definitely come to the conclusion that it’s not for me. But as I try to work out my financial goals going forward, I’m trying to figure out exactly what is right for me long-term. Each time I get a paycheck, should […]

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Student Loans: The Basics

Posted by Jill on October 19, 2010

This is the first in a series of posts on student loans. Be sure to check out upcoming posts on repayment options, consolidation, and the effects of extra payments. College costs are increasing at over twice the rate of inflation. At the same time, rising unemployment and falling stock prices could make it difficult for […]

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To Roth 401k or Not to Roth 401k?

Posted by Derek on October 18, 2010

Roth 401ks have been around for a few years now, but have been recently increasing in popularity. In fact, my employer has just opened up an opportunity for its employees to invest in a Roth 401k in addition to the traditional 401k. I had heard rumors about these plans for a few years but have […]

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PerkStreet 5% Cash Back Bonus

Posted by Kate on October 15, 2010

With the holidays coming up, who couldn’t use a great Free Money Friday offer? PerkStreet is offering 5% cash back through the end of the year for your holiday shopping. How to Get Your Cash Back Open a PerkStreet account online and fund it with $25 by November 15, 2010. Earn 5% cash back on […]

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3 Membership Programs You Want to Subscribe To

Posted by Amanda on October 14, 2010

Many times I have signed up for membership and loyalty programs only to be barraged with worthless emails and advertisements for years afterwards. In fact, every year or so I go through my email account and unsubscribe from at least five of these programs. But some membership and loyalty rewards programs are well worth joining […]

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My Evolving Credit Card Arbitrage Strategies

Posted by Madison on October 13, 2010

Long time readers will probably remember my credit card arbitrage strategy. I’d regularly take about $200,000 in credit card balance transfers and put it into high yield savings accounts earning interest and cash in on the difference. And while the credit card act and credit crisis changed the landscape of credit cards, it didn’t kill […]

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