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9 More Free Web Services

Are you paying for Sudoku puzzles or sheet music? Do you have extra time at work and want to spend it on the internet without spending a dime? I am on a crusade to bring you more free web services [1] that will save you money and provide free entertainment. Check below and see if you can take advantage of some of these services.

  1. Office Software: Have you lost the original DVD set for your laptop or computer and need to make new spreadsheets or a word document? Perhaps you rebuilt or built a computer and don’t want to pay for the Microsoft office suite (Office 2010 is currently going for $279). Open Office.org [2] offers a free alternative.
  2. Sudoku: With free Sudoku Online [3] you can play online using your computer, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch or print out puzzles to take with you. Choose your level of easy, medium or hard.  
  3. MP3 Downloads: Free and legal MP3 downloads [4] are available here, and if you sign up for a free membership, they will make recommendations based off of your tastes. Also check out Amazon Music [5] which periodically gives away free MP3 downloads.
  4. Dropbox File Sharing: You can sync and store your files for free online using dropbox [6] file sharing. You can easily share your files between your computers and mobile phone.
  5. Board Games Online: Free Board Games Online [7] on bored.com can keep you entertained for hours.
  6. Sheet Music: Free Sheet Music for instruments [8] is provided by the Mutopia project through PDF files for easy printing. All of the music on Mutopia may be freely downloaded, printed, copied, distributed, modified, performed and recorded.
  7. Language Courses: Is the Rosetta Stone [9] financially out of your league? The BBC offers free online language courses [10] in many different languages. Upon completion of a 12-week course you even get a certificate!
  8. Audibooks: Podiobooks.com offers free audiobooks online [11]. Download a few to your MP3 player or burn to a CD to listen to at work, during your commute, or on a long car ride. Every book on Podiobooks.com is published with the express permission of the author and/or audio copyright holder, and sharing your files is encouraged.
  9. Genealogy: I have been tempted to visit genealogy websites where you have to pay for membership and information. So I was really happy to find out that there is a wealth of Genealogy Information [12] available for free on the internet. The one for Pennsylvania (where I am from) includes birth and death certificates, scanned newspapers from over a hundred years ago, and so much more.

What free web services do you use?