3 Membership Programs You Want to Subscribe To

Posted by Amanda on October 14, 2010

Many times I have signed up for membership and loyalty programs only to be barraged with worthless emails and advertisements for years afterwards. In fact, every year or so I go through my email account and unsubscribe from at least five of these programs.

But some membership and loyalty rewards programs are well worth joining because they offer high-value coupons or free samples and free products.  Here are a few of these programs that I recommend you join, and some of the offers I have received from them in the past:

Borders Rewards

Have a voracious appetite for books? I know I do. This membership program offers periodic emails (probably 2-3 per month) with coupons for books. I wait for the 40% off high-value coupon before I shop, which is emailed to me probably once every other month. Another plus is for every $150 you spend at Borders, you get $5 Borders Bucks to spend in the store. Pair this together with a 40% coupon, and it can result in a free book. Finally, Borders members are also given other exclusive saving opportunities for other companies.


I do not shop at JCPenny’s often, but I signed up for the membership because several times a year they send a coupon in your email for $10 off of a $10 purchase. And they usually have one out at the same time as Black Friday. You can basically go to the store, pick something up for a little over $10 (or several items from clearance), and get them for free!  You can also use the coupon code to shop online with the JCPenny subscription (lower right hand corner for email updates).


This is a newsletter that puts together 20 fantastic travel deals once a week and sends them to your email inbox. I snagged a trip to Jamaica for five days, four nights, that included airfare and the resort (with food and drinks), for $430 several years ago. That included taxes! This newsletter has expanded to include discounted Broadway and Las Vegas shows. Subscribe to Travelzoo.

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Comments to 3 Membership Programs You Want to Subscribe To

  1. Why buy books new, even at 40% off? Never. http://www.bookfinder.com. Not an ad, as I don’t work for them, but I use their site often as I have yet to find a subject I don’t require a book on.


    • Hello Turling!

      Thank you for the comment and link. I generally buy new books as gifts. Most of the books that we purchase for ourselves are from half priced books, or used book sales at libraries (you can literally fill up a library from under $100 at these!).

      Amanda L. Grossman

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