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3 Membership Programs You Want to Subscribe To

Many times I have signed up for membership and loyalty programs only to be barraged with worthless emails and advertisements for years afterwards. In fact, every year or so I go through my email account and unsubscribe from at least five of these programs.

But some membership and loyalty rewards programs [1] are well worth joining because they offer high-value coupons or free samples and free products.  Here are a few of these programs that I recommend you join, and some of the offers I have received from them in the past:

Borders Rewards

Have a voracious appetite for books? I know I do. This membership program offers periodic emails (probably 2-3 per month) with coupons for books. I wait for the 40% off high-value coupon before I shop, which is emailed to me probably once every other month. Another plus is for every $150 you spend at Borders, you get $5 Borders Bucks to spend in the store. Pair this together with a 40% coupon, and it can result in a free book. Finally, Borders members are also given other exclusive saving opportunities for other companies.


I do not shop at JCPenny’s often, but I signed up for the membership because several times a year they send a coupon in your email for $10 off of a $10 purchase. And they usually have one out at the same time as Black Friday [2]. You can basically go to the store, pick something up for a little over $10 (or several items from clearance), and get them for free!  You can also use the coupon code to shop online with the JCPenny subscription [3] (lower right hand corner for email updates).


This is a newsletter that puts together 20 fantastic travel deals once a week and sends them to your email inbox. I snagged a trip to Jamaica for five days, four nights, that included airfare and the resort (with food and drinks), for $430 several years ago. That included taxes! This newsletter has expanded to include discounted Broadway and Las Vegas shows. Subscribe to Travelzoo [4].

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