This Year’s Most Popular Finance Tips

Posted by Madison on December 29, 2014

My Dollar Plan just celebrated our seventh anniversary. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone! Thanks to you, the readers, for subscribing, stopping by to check out new articles, sharing tips and deals, and contributing your thoughts and ideas to improve My Dollar Plan. I read all your emails and welcome all the input! Also thanks to the writers for making it all happen again this year! I look forward to sharing another great year with you in 2015!

We covered lots of great finance topics including passive income ideas, ways to make extra cash, including selling on Amazon, becoming a millionaire, saving money, getting rid of cable, and new tax credits and tax penalties. If you missed the most popular finance tips this year, here’s a recap:

This Year’s Most Popular Tips: Making Money

How I Made $50,000 Selling on Amazon Last Year. Selling on Amazon is a fun hobby especially at this time of year! Stay tuned for my annual report on how things went this year. If you are interested in getting started here is some background on How to Make Money on Amazon.

7 Passive Income Ideas to Make Extra Money. Amanda shared 7 ways you can see the power and awesomeness of passive income. Making money is popular here at My Dollar Plan:

This Year’s Most Popular Tips: Saving Money

How to Get Rid of Cable and Still Watch TV. Cutting your cable is a hot topic right now. If you are thinking about getting rid of cable this year you’ll want to Consider These Hidden Costs Before You Cut Your Cable and look into 8 Free Ways to Watch Movies.

6 Successful Ways to Save Money This Year. Kristen shared many ways to save money including How to Put More Money in Your Savings Account. Here are some more of the most popular ways to save money this year:

This Year’s Most Popular Tips: Investing and Taxes

5 Keys to Becoming a Millionaire. Don asks what your plans for becoming a millionaire are and shares how to get there. Another article he wrote that you don’t want to miss is The Triple Benefit of Municipal Bonds. Here are more popular investment and tax articles this year:

More Popular Articles This Year

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