31 Movie Gift Ideas for Kids

Posted by Madison on November 5, 2013

Our holiday gift guide series continues this week with movie gift ideas for kids.

We love movie nights at our house. We’re always on the lookout for great movies for kids and movies the entire family will enjoy. Since our kids like to watch the same movie over and over, I’ve found that it sometimes makes sense to buy the DVD instead of renting it multiple times.

I figured their favorite movies, the Spy Kids movies, would make a wonderful Christmas present and I’m considering making a fun movie themed gift basket for the kids this year.

To help create a list of great movie gift ideas for kids I asked Simply Contests readers to share their favorite movie for kids and why they love it in the Disney Tangled Flynn Rider Plush Doll Giveaway.

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Are you looking for ideas on the best movies to give this holiday season? Or are you considering movie gift basket ideas for kids?

Movie Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. The Little Mermaid My favorite is The Little Mermaid because of the love story. My children have watched it over and over again. – Tamara
  2. Black Beauty. Our favorite is Black Beauty! My Granddaughter loves anything to do with horses! – Kathy L
  3. Miracle on 34th Street. My favorite movie for kids would be Miracle on 34th Street, leaves a lot of great memories. – Dorothy
  4. Lilo and Stitch. Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite kid movies and always seemed to work like a charm while I was babysitting. Lilo is adorable, Stitch is crazy enough for the boys, it has aliens, and the kids love to try re-enacting the lines. – Tayden S.
  5. Up. My favorite is UP! It was so great and my kids loved it too. I like that the story is wrapped around an old man searching for his loves paradise and it ends up being funny and sad and happy and crazy! I cried and laughed and cried and laughed. I just love it so. – Kaci G.
  6. Bolt. My daughter’s favorite movie is Bolt. She loves movies where animals talk. – Athena S
  7. The Buddies Movies. All the buddies movies. My grandchildren from age 13 down to age 2 love them. – Jane S.
  8. Finding Nemo. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo. I like that it is made for adults and for children, humor wise. I also love the moral of the story: that a deficit or a weakness is not a deficit in the right situation. – Heather D
  9. Rise of the Guardians. I love Rise of the Guardians because it has such a great message it’s easy to watch over and over again! – Cheyenne G.
  10. Alice in Wonderland. My favorite has always been Alice in Wonderland. There are so many wonderful characters and I like the silliness. – Brianne A.
  11. The Little Rascals. Non-animated movie for kids, I’d say The Little Rascals. It’s all about the kids and it’s fun and deals with a lot of “topics.” – Lauren B.
  12. Sleeping Beauty. I love Sleeping Beauty! It has the best Disney villain of all time! – April B.
  13. Toy Story. Toy Story will always be my favorite. It teaches kids to use their imagination and also to work together. – Colleen T
  14. The Lorax. I really like The Lorax – it’s fun and it has a great message! – Elizabeth W
  15. Princess and the Frog. I love the Princess and the Frog, such a great story about hard work and dreams. – Robert
  16. Aladdin. My favorite kids movie is still Aladdin! Disney has such wonderful movies. – Lacey J
  17. Cinderella. We love Cinderella ~ dreams can come true. – Robin W.
  18. Wreck-It Ralph. My kids favorite at the moment is Wreck-It Ralph. They love it because it’s based on video games. – Angel D
  19. Cars. We love the movie Cars. Mater is so funny and it is just an all around great family movie. – Diana
  20. The Lion King. The first movie that came to mind was The Lion King. I love it because there are so many “life lessons” in the movie, but they aren’t shoved down the throats of kids. Instead they are absorbed with kicky tunes and mostly loveable characters. I would sure love to see the play one day:). – Joyce R
  21. Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite! It reminds kids to see what’s inside and not outward appearances. – Amanda
  22. Shrek. We love the original Shrek movie. This is one you just don’t pop in for the kids and walk away. It’s great for the whole family to enjoy. – Wanda
  23. Condorman. One of my favorites is an old Disney movie called Condorman. A comic book writer gets mistaken for a spy, and goes on adventures across Europe with lots of spy gadgets. – Alicia S
  24. Dark Crystal. My favorite is Dark Crystal. It’s old puppet from Jim Henson but an amazing movie.- Beth
  25. Brave. I like the movie Brave because it teaches my daughters that they can be independent. – Nikki S
  26. Monsters, Inc. Monsters, Inc. It’s such a cute movie my son loves it. – Courtney G
  27. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh because it teaches kids about friendship and caring. – Jennifer M
  28. Tangled. I actually like Tangled for the boys because it finally has a lot of boyish elements vs. princess, princess, princess. – Meghan
  29. Flight of the Navigator. I loved Flight of the Navigator as a kid as well as Back to the Future and E.T. My kids are a little too young for the non-animated ones but I can’t WAIT to share them with them. Those are some awesome movies. – Tamar
  30. Wizard of OZ. I ALWAYS have loved the Wizard of OZ!!! – 1955nurse
  31. A Christmas Story. A Christmas Story. – Amy F.

What are your favorite movies for kids?

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Comments to 31 Movie Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Thanks for all the ideas!

    Meagan BS

  2. Very cute ideas 🙂 I wish I’d thought of something like when my girls were younger.

    Julie W

  3. A Christmas Story, definitely. Everyone should see the classic.


    • Seth,
      This one is my husband’s favorite. He must have watched it a million times as a kid… as I can see how excited he gets when it’s on TV!


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