10 Holiday Gift Ideas for School Age Kids

Posted by Adrienne on December 18, 2012

Our holiday gift guide countdown to Christmas is almost over. With less than a week of shopping left, we’re featuring holiday gift ideas for school age kids.

If you are like me you probably have several different kids to buy for this holiday season. Unless you are around kids a lot it can be hard to determine what a good gift for each age group is. To help with this task I’ve created a few lists. One for babies, one for toddlers and finally one for elementary school kids. (I’ve stopped there because most teens I know will tell you exactly what they are looking for.)

Today’s list is all about gifts for school age kids. I think that school age kids are actually a bit harder to shop for than younger ones. They may have definitive opinions about what they want for gifts. In my own experience though what they think they want may differ greatly from what they will actually use and play with. Hopefully something on this list will delight the child in your life.

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10 Gifts for Elementary School Kids

  1. Board Games
    There are many great classic games that the whole family can enjoy together. I have memories of playing Monopoly as a kid with my family and now I enjoy it with my own kids. A newer game that we all like is Yamslam (a dice version of poker). Go with an old favorite or try something new.
  2. Legos
    Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love Legos? It was a momentous occasion when we finally decided our youngest was past swallowing small pieces and allowed Legos into the house. While the sets can be pricy you can either go with smaller sets or buy Legos in bulk on ebay (that is how we ramped up our collection).
  3. Snap Circuits Jr.
    I had never heard of this amazing toy until last year and now I’m a huge fan. If your kid can follow Lego instructions they can use this really cool kit to make electrical circuits. Snap circuits have electrical pieces that snap into a board. There are 100 different circuits in the kit which do cool things like light up and make noise. This was the hit of the holidays at our house last year.
  4. Art Sets
    Do you have a kid in your life who loves to draw or paint or color? Then an Art Set
    would be a much loved gift. Somehow there are never enough art supplies around. This is a gift where even if you received multiple art sets you would probably end up using everything.
  5. Tracks and Cars
    Race cars are always fun. The issue becomes where to race them. There are lots of complicated tracks out there. I like this one for 2 reasons. 1 – it folds up to be put away and 2 – it allows the cars to race each other (so many tracks don’t). Not only do the cars race but the flags at the end tell you which car was the fastest. No need for instant replay with this track.
  6. Science Kits
    Science kits can change ordinary things with amazing results. From the traditional (volcano
    anyone) to the unique (pretend snow) science kits can be a great crowd pleaser. They cover such a range of experiments that they are bound to be a unique gift.
  7. Dictionary books
    Ever notice that when kids get interested in something (dinosaurs, horses, Star Wars) they get almost fanatical. Why not indulge their interests with a dictionary type book. These sorts of books are great. They have tons of facts to keep a child interested and they become very loved (I believe we were practically sleeping with the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary for a while).
  8. Craft Kits
    Craft kits are great for a rainy day. These kits typically have everything you need in them to create something. (pretty awesome for a not so crafty mom, ahem) There are all different sorts of craft kits out there (like this make your own books kit) so you’ll never run out of ideas.
  9. Bike
    A bike is a pretty big deal for a kid. When I was a kid my bike was freedom to me. Though they can be expensive new there are plenty of used bikes out there on craigslist. Not only can you probably get a great deal you can probably get a pretty fancy bike for less than a basic model would cost new. Look around and surprise that special someone on your list.
  10. Experience Gifts
    School age kids are old enough to really appreciate experience gifts. This is especially great for a child who already has a lot of toys. The experience can be almost anything. Take them to the movies, to a show, or out for ice cream. It will be a special time for both of you.

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