9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids to Learn About Money

Posted by Madison on December 6, 2011

Looking for gift ideas for kids that focus on personal finance? You’re in luck, because gifts and toys that double as tools to teach kids about money management are some of my favorite gifts to give.

They’re also the perfect gifts for kids that have everything and really don’t have a use for another expensive plastic toy. Our kids fall into this category, so this year at our house we’re considering having a very merry finance Christmas theme!

In addition to the toys, books, and games, the list also has some great ideas for grandparents who want to gift money to the kids in the form of saving for their education.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Board Games. My two selections for board games this year are Moneywise Kids and Money Bags. I spent some time reviewing lots of money board games for kids and decided that these two are my favorites that will show up under the tree.
  2. Toys. Hands down, my favorite toy for kids learning about money is the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register. It’s almost a given that if I draw your name for Christmas and you’re between the ages of 3 and 6, this is what you are going to get. It’s usually at the top of my list of gifts for kids all about money.
  3. Books. Most of the books on our list of the 35 Best Personal Finance Books are geared towards adults, so this year we’re giving The First National Bank of Dad and Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees to new parents who want to learn about teaching money management to their kids.
  4. Bank Accounts. We finally finished opening our youngest her own bank account to take advantage of the ING $25 Signup Bonus. If your kids don’t have their own bank accounts yet, it’s a great way to start to earn the free sign up money and bonuses for referring each other.
  5. 529 Plans. The kids are getting new 529 plans this year from the Colorado 529 $75 Sign Up Bonus. In addition, if you don’t yet have an Ohio 529, they’re extending the Ohio 529 Sign Up Bonus until the end of the year. Contributions to 529 plans are a great gift from the grandparents too!
  6. Piggy Banks. Two of our three kids shattered their porcelain piggy banks this year. So we’re shopping for new ones. A key feature: non-breakable rubber piggy banks!
  7. Roth IRA for Kids. Want to help your kids get started on a Roth IRA for kids? As long as your kids have taxable earned income, you can contribute the amount they earn up to the Roth IRA limits.
  8. Savings Bonds. My grandma’s favorite holiday gifts for the kids were, are, and always will be savings bonds. Here is everything you need to know about buying bonds to get started.
  9. Stocks. Sharebuilder allows custodial beneficiaries, so it’s an easy place to open account for the kids and give them an intro to buying stocks. The ShareBuilder $50 Sign Up Bonus applies until the end of the year and works on accounts for the kids.

What are your favorite money related gifts?

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Comments to 9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids to Learn About Money

  1. Great info. I went ahead and purchased all the games you linked to, I am going to try them all out on my kids.

    KC @ PsychoMoney

  2. One quick spin on the piggy bank idea: For Christmas, my wife and I bought my son one of those electronic banks that counts the coins as he puts them in there. He’s going to love it!


  3. as far as board games go,i would most definitely want my kids to play monopoly!it teaches you almost all the aspects of money making and spending


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