5% Amazon Discount Using Price Check

Posted by Madison on December 8, 2011

Here’s a fun twist on a combination of saving money at Amazon while shopping at Bricks and Mortar stores, the Amazon Price Check App!

This Saturday, Amazon is going to give you 5% off of 3 items (up to $100 each) when you use the app. I love shopping at Amazon, so 5% off is like icing on the cake!

I installed the app and went shopping yesterday to try it out. It’s really easy, you just scan the barcode of the item, and you get the Amazon price. If you can’t scan the barcode, you can also snap a picture, or say the item, but I found the scanner to be the fastest. Although, I did get some strange stares at the toy store scanning multiple items as I shopped!

How to Get Your 5% Amazon Discount

  1. Download the Amazon Price Check App on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Shop at a Bricks and Mortar store on Saturday December 10, 2011 and use the Price Check App to scan the items you want to buy and put them in your shopping cart.
  3. Make your purchase from Amazon within 24 hours.
  4. Automatically earn a 5% discount on the Amazon price.

Amazon Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion starts 9:00 pm (PST) December 9, 2011 and ends 11:59 pm (PST) December 10, 2011.
  • Limit three (3) discounts per customer and customer account.
  • Limit one discount per eligible product.
  • Eligible items: Qualifying products in the eligible product categories (Electronics, Toys, Sports, Music, and DVDs).

More on Amazon Price Check

Maximizing. The terms state a maximum of $5 off, 3 times. So it appears we can buy 3 $100 items to maximize the discount. If you and your spouse have separate Amazon accounts (like we do) we can repeat it for each account.

Submitting Prices. Submitting the in store price and your location are optional to get the discount.

Shopping from home. I’m a little unclear if you have to actually go shopping on Saturday. Since you can search for an item just by saying the name, the 5% discount might apply without setting foot in a bricks and mortar store. (Although, don’t tell my husband that, this is the perfect excuse for me to head out to the stores on Saturday!)

Making your purchase. Once you put the item in your price check shopping cart, you can actually make the purchase in any way you access Amazon, not just from the app, to get the discount. I prefer to return home and use their website, but a friend of mine tried it out this week and liked to make her purchase immediately in the store using the app!

Stacking Offers. The terms and conditions state that the discount can’t be combined with other offers. However, since the Discover Double Cash Back for Amazon Purchases is from Discover, not Amazon, I think that should still work for stacking purposes. I’m also planning to combine the 5% discount with Amazon gift cards bought at a discount with the American Express 6% cash back card.

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