Ohio 529 $50 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on October 21, 2011

One of our favorite Free Money Friday offers is back! CollegeAdvantage‘s $50 bonus is a great way to jumpstart your college savings.

How to Get Your $50 Bonus

  1. Open a CollegeAdvantage 529 account with at least $100 by November 18, 2011.
  2. If the promo code “PLAN” isn’t already populated in your application, make sure you use it.
  3. Your $50 bonus contribution will be applied on or about March 15, 2012!

Why Ohio’s 529 Plan is Great

The Ohio plan is one of the best. Here’s why:

  • Low fees and investment options. You can invest in the Vanguard 500 index fund with a 0.19% expense ratio.
  • No enrollment fee or maintenance fee.
  • You don’t have to live in Ohio to take advantage of it, although Ohio residents can take a tax deduction.
  • If you don’t have kids, you can just use yourself as the beneficiary.

CollegeAdvantage Bonus Offer Rules

  • Available to new and existing CollegeAdvantage direct account owners who open a new direct account.
  • To qualify for the bonus, all required account information must be provided, an initial contribution of $100 made & the initial contribution must have cleared the bank.
  • Bonus will be invested in a CollegeAdvantage investment option (not paid out in cash).
  • Tuition Trust employees + board members are not eligible for the bonus.

More on 529s

Taxes. We’ve already covered how to handle taxes on this 529 bonus.

Get Creative. You can open multiple accounts to make this bonus even better or use a 529 to make a bit of extra money.

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Comments to Ohio 529 $50 Sign Up Bonus

  1. It sounds like Ohio 529 is a great option. What do you think about Virgina 529. I heard Virginia is also considered top 529 plan sponsored by American Funds.


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