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Posted by Madison on January 23, 2008

Each link will work only once. The link has already been used if you get the following message:

We’re sorry, but the referral link within the email you received has expired and is no longer valid. We recommend that you contact the sender and ask them to re-send the referral email. Or click ‘Continue’ to proceed with the application process without the account opening bonus.

If you’re seeing the message above on all of the unused links, please clear your browser’s cookies and try several of the good links again.

I’ll add new referrals as the links get used. If all of the referrals are used or expired, contact me and I’ll send you a new one directly.

UPDATE: I’m only giving these out by request now. Please contact me for a referral link.

Here’s a list of links:

  1. $25 Signup Bonus GONE!
  2. $25 Signup Bonus GONE!
  3. $25 Signup Bonus GONE!
  4. $25 Signup Bonus GONE!
  5. $25 Signup Bonus GONE!
  6. $25 Signup Bonus GONE!

I earn $10 for each referral. Once you open your account you can refer your friends and family and earn $10 too!

You can also simply open a high yield savings account without the the initial deposit but you will not earn the bonus.

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Comments to ING $25 Signup Bonus

  1. Couldn’t you theoretically refer yourself and continue to earn money?

    Example: Open an account (#1) with a referral from here. Earn $25

    Use that account to refer yourself, and open account #2. Earn $10 for Account #1, Earn $25 on account $2.

    Use account #2 to refer, use money from account #1 to open account #3. Earn $25 on account #3, Earn $10 on account #2.

    All told, you would tie up $500 of your money and would earn $35 every time you move it…

    Am I missing something?


  2. @ Stu: I think each person is only allowed to open one account. However, we did do a version of what you suggested. I signed up and referred my husband, he then referred my son. And my son referred our baby.

    So it’ll work as long as you have enough family members to keep it going!


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