7 Cheap Holiday Gifts for College Students on Your List

Posted by Amanda on November 4, 2014

The holiday gift guide series is in full swing this week. Have you noticed the holiday decor starting to fill the stores? This week we are highlighting inexpensive gift ideas for students!

College is such a fun, interesting time. It’s a transition period between living with your parents, and fully living on your own. And everyone knows that living in transition means giving up a lot of comforts (and because you are broke since you are young and in school).

Fifth Burner

Cheap Holiday Gifts for College Students

From my own college days, I remember starting off with a comforter, two towels, two washcloths, clothes, slippers, one pillow, office supplies, and various bath supplies. Each year I learned about products and things that could significantly add to my comfort and ability to do the things that I missed from home, such as cook and turn my bed into a semi-couch via a body pillow. It took me four years to really get it, at which point it was time to move out into my first apartment. Instead of your college student waiting four years to piece together a comfortable dorm room, check out the list below for some great ideas for holiday gifts this year.

Cheap Holiday Gifts for College Students

  1. World’s Finest Ear Plugs: Many college students have roommates, and they might snore. Take it from me that these ear plugs truly are the best out there (I’ve tried several different kinds over the years).
  2. Electric Water Boiler: This is useful for more than making tea; boiling water can be used for instant oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, and a slew of other foods.
  3. BodyPillow: One of the best gifts someone ever gave me was a body pillow. It really added a lot of comfort to my dorm bed, as well as gave good back support so that it doubled as a semi-couch during the day.
  4. Master Lock Portable Personal Safe: Let’s face it, not all roommates are trustworthy. Even if roommates are, college kids tend to stay at hostels when they travel (myself included). Having a personal safe you can travel with or use in your dorm room could be a good idea.
  5. The Money Book for the Young, the Fabulous, and the Broke: Suze Orman’s book covers lots of basic money advice that is not generally taught in high school or college. For more finance book ideas see the 35 Best Personal Finance Books.
  6. Fifth Burner: Does your college student like to cook? Their cooking options are probably quite limited with a microwave. Purchasing them one range that can be plugged in will really allow for almost limitless cooking options. Just make sure these are allowed at their school.
  7. Candle Warmer: Candle burning is generally not allowed in dorm rooms. You can instead purchase an electric candle warmer so that even though you cannot light a candle, you can still enjoy its delightful scent.

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