Have You Tried Once a Month Cooking?

Posted by Madison on October 7, 2010

When Jill mentioned once a month cooking, yesterday in 6 Ways to Change the Impact of Food on your Budget, I got sucked in and spent a bunch of time reading about once a month cooking.

We all know I am not a good cook, even though I try. (Although I have mastered Sue’s frugal chicken Soup recipe and I do enjoy reading the chronicles of a friend who is writing a cookbook.)

Cooking seems like it should be enjoyable. However, every single day it seems like we need to eat again, which requires me to cook something again, ruining even the most perfect days!

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I don’t mind cooking. But in reality, I’d much rather be researching the latest rewards credit card or improving our asset allocation.

Once a Month Cooking

Once a month cooking implies I would only have to cook once a month, right? And because of stocking up on sale food and using our new Foodsaver I have tons of food in the house to use.

So I’m thinking of giving once a month cooking a go. Putting myself though a day of complete agony, but having an entire month to enjoy not cooking would be amazing!

Have you tried once a month cooking?



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Comments to Have You Tried Once a Month Cooking?

  1. As the primary cook in my family this sounds VERY enticing. Have you used the Foodsaver thingie yet? I am interested to know if it actually works. If so, I might just give this a try.

    James Fowlkes

    • I’ve used the foodsaver a bunch. It’s really coming in handy for when we buy meat in bulk and split it up.

      I’ve also been using it to reseal the kids’ cereal bags and chips.


  2. No! But it does sound like a fun challenge. I’m a big fan of cooling / freezing in bulk though.


  3. Thanks for mentioning the book!


    Money Smarts Blog

  4. I have tried it but on a modified version and thought it was great. Spagetti sauce is king. If you don’t want to work the entire program this can help with many recipes and it’s easy to keep doing what you want while the sauce is simmering. This link is to a book review I did for my favorite once-a-month cooking. http://inthetrenches2009.blogs.....oking.html


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