Do You Have a Foodsaver?

Posted by Madison on August 12, 2010

Saving money on groceries doesn’t go very far if you have to throw away your food because of freezer burn. After a lot of thought and research, I bought a Foodsaver!

Of course, I was supposed to be packing because we’re flying out for vacation soon… but I really wanted one to go along with my buying in bulk and obsessive couponing!

Foodsaver Reviews

The reviews on the newest model, the Foodsaver v3840 (or the v3825 at Costco), were mixed. This review was probably the funniest review I’ve ever read, but it was also very informative…. one of the reasons I decided to pass on the newer model.

So I opted for the old Foodsaver v2840 model which got great reviews. After shopping around, I found that I could do much better than the Amazon Foodsaver 2840 price over $200 (or the price with the 20% off) at QVC!

The QVC Foodsaver 2840 is $94.68 plus shipping. And don’t forget 4% cash back with Mr. Rebates.

My total was $104.15 and it will arrive the day we get back from vacation…. speaking of vacation, I better get to the airport! While we’re gone, you’ll be in good hands thanks to my great staff: Kate, Amanda, and Jill!

So is the Foodsaver worth it? Or did I just throw $100 out the window?


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Comments to Do You Have a Foodsaver?

  1. My mom and dad swear by the Foodsaver, because they accumulate a lot of vegetables in the summer and do a lot of fishing. Just as someone would spend time and money on canning, my parents use their Foodsaver religiously every summer. It does tend to add up in the bags you buy, but I subscribe to the Foodsaver emails and they have great deals year round on refill items.


  2. I love our vacuum sealer. I believe it is a Foodsaver brand as well. It’s great to repackage steaks and chicken for couples…10 packs from Sam’s Club are great and all, but 2 people can space that over a few weeks or more. 🙂

    Oh, and it also has come in handy for saving overly-ripe fruits for smoothies. I don’t like the texture of a spotty brown banana, but they are delicious in smoothies – slice them up really fast (like chunks that fit well into your blender…we just bought a Magic Bullet so the chunks can be pretty big) and seal them and they are good to go.

    BTW, thanks for mentioning my guest post at Engineer Your Finances! I did like writing that one a lot…

    Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

  3. I don’t have one, but I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on yours once you get back from vacation.

    Have a nice trip!


  4. You won’t regret it! As the second commenter noted, for freezing meat alone it’s a great deal. We even go ahead and season our two-person servings of meat so we can just pull out a package on weeknights and really only have to think of sides. We also use them for dinner-sized portions of already cooked meat, such as shredded chicken. You can even reheat in the bag, but that freaks us out a little, so we usually remove it before heating. Defrosting is super easy, though, just throw the sealed bag into the fridge in the morning, or defrost in the bag with it sitting in a bowl of cold water and a few ice cubes.


  5. I actually use the Ziploc system. At the time it came out, CR rated it a cheaper competitive alternative to the more expensive food saver system. Not as effective, but really decent. I actually didn’t use it all that much until recently. They redesigned the bags and made it easier to use, though they don’t seem to sell the battery powered pump anymore. Just a hand powered one.

    But now I use it. Especially for beef and burgers I buy from the store. And pancakes and waffles


  6. I have a food saver, but instead just use the generic ziplock bag /straw method because it’s fast and easy, and without expensive refill rolls. This method works almost as well as the food saver.


  7. Wow! That review was absolutely hysterical! I could feel their frustration seeping though the post.
    I have a friend who uses one of these at his vacation home. That way every time he goes there, he has fresh coffee beans and a package of freshly sealed chocolate chip cookies. Seems like a fantastic idea to me!


  8. I purchased the 2840 from QVC after reading this post. Unfortunately found an equivalent at Sears for ~$20 less. wish I had purchased at Sears…also could have saved the shipping.


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