Sucked Back into Obsessive Couponing

Posted by Madison on August 5, 2010

Remember a few years back when it was my resolution to stop couponing since I’d become such a compulsive obsessive couponer?

I did great for a few years and bought whatever we wanted. Then our food budget started to creep up.

I started ordering from Peapod and when the driver told me they accepted internet coupons I began printing grocery coupons.

Printing coupons was obviously my tipping point. Once I started to get the thrill of saving 50%, 70%, or even 80% of our grocery bill it all went into coupon overdrive.

Obsessive Couponing

I have a confession to make. Now I’m hitting our grocery store twice a week to take advantage of double coupons, printing more coupons, and following the weekly coupon matchups for our local store. (You can find your own local store matchups through the BeCentsable directory).

But it didn’t stop there. In addition, I got a cheap newspaper subscription from Discounted Newspapers, just for the coupons, and yesterday I broke down and ordered some coupons from the Coupon Clippers.

I can feel myself turning obsessive about it again, even though I promised myself I’d just do it in a low-key way. Obviously I have one of those all-or-nothing type personalities.

The good news? I cut our grocery bill by $200 last month!

Do you have any money saving habits that you get compulsive about… or is it just me?

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Comments to Sucked Back into Obsessive Couponing

  1. most coupons are overrated…mostly processed food which we try to avoid. Once in while we do get some personal care coupons that are good, but rarely do they beat out the store brand price (esp Target)


    • I agree, there are definitely a lot of junk coupons to weed through. I try to focus on the coupons for fresh chicken, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

      Essentially, shopping the same way we used to, just using coupons and coordinating them when the items go on sale.


  2. I use coupons for personal care and I usually get that stuff for free at CVS after their extra bucks and coupons.

    But I don’t use too many coupons for food. I don’t find too many on food items that we eat. I probably save about $5.00 a week with food coupons. I save the most money by planning a menu around what is on sale at the grocery store each week. We also get most of our produce from May – November through our garden and an organic CSA. That saves us a lot of money.


  3. I am a very laid back couponer. I have a Sunday paper, clip the coupons when I get around to it, and save about $10 a week.

    I was getting highly obsessive with our budget. I would want to enter entries twice a day and spent hours revamping the categories. Then I started a blog and that is where my 20-30 hours a week has gone. 🙂

    Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

  4. CVS gets me all worked up. Those rolling ECBs drive me batty. Seriously. I try to stop shopping there, but inevitably after some time I end up buying something that prints out an ECB and here I go checking out the weekly sales circulars all over again.

    One Frugal Girl

  5. Hey, we should become friends and form a support group for OCA’s: “Obsessive Couponers Anonymous”

    I am a promo code addict. I spent 4 hours searching for a $5 promo code…

    Cutting your grocery bill by $200 is amazing!


  6. Hello Madison!

    Ah yes, couponing can certainly become obssessive. When I first learned about the drugstore game, I really got into it and my world changed. This year I am doing it more focused, and spend maybe one hour a week on it while still reaping all the free products.

    I also do the grocery game and we save anywhere from $30-$60 per shopping trip (we only grocery shop twice a month), and this is for fresh food. We are not into processed foods very much, and we cook everything from scratch.

    I think the key is to be focused about it and to value your time; also make sure you are still having fun with it–it’s like a game to me. If you’re not having fun and it is running over your life, then definitely time to stop:).

    Thanks for sharing!


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