Worthwhile Benefits from Living on a Budget

Posted by Don on September 27, 2016

When you think about your budget or even hear people talk about budgets, you probably cringe. This is because many of us think of budgeting as boring and a way to limit or restrict our spending.

Making and following a budget is actually a good thing. I will show you that there are many benefits from living on a budget.

benefits from living on a budget

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Worthwhile Benefits from Living on a Budget

Do you have a budget? If you do then you already know the benefits from living on a budget. If not, here’s what you are missing.

Less Stress

Do you dread opening the mailbox for fear of a bill you know you don’t have the money for? Or maybe your fear is that you just don’t know how big the credit card balance is now. These are symptoms of not following a budget.

When you follow a budget, you rid your life of this stress. You know what you spent over the past month, so the bills that come in the mail won’t be a surprise any longer. Just think of how nice it would be to not have this stress in your life any longer!

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Easier Decision Making

Do you find yourself at a store wondering if you can afford something you like? Or maybe you aren’t sure if you should buy the item because you just aren’t certain how money will play out this month? These too are classic signs of not following a budget.

But when you do have a budget in place, your decisions are already made for you. You know what you can and cannot afford for the month. Instead of standing in the store for 20 minutes agonizing over whether or not you can or should buy something, you know going in and you won’t have to stand there trying to make a decision.

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Start Achieving Your Financial Goals

You know how you always say you want to get rid of the credit card debt you are in or how you want to finally start saving some money but you never get around to it?

Putting a budget in place lets you finally start taking the steps to reaching your goal of being debt free. Having a budget allows you to start saving for retirement or a rainy day. You will have an amount of money assigned to paying off debt or savings so you will be guaranteed to make progress in these areas.

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Freedom to Change

Many people fear making a budget because they think that once they assign money to one category, it is set in stone and cannot be changed. But this isn’t the case. You have the freedom to change. If you find you are allocating too little to groceries, you can adjust your budget in the coming month to reflect this. If you find you have allocated too much to dining out, you can adjust your budget.

Now, I wouldn’t just go changing things on the fly here. I would give it a few months to make sure that one month of overspending or underspending isn’t just an anomaly but is the norm.

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Improved Financial Life

When you begin to budget, you will improve your financial life in the sense that you will be a smarter spender of your money. But the benefits to your finances don’t end there. You will find that since you are budgeting, you will become a smarter shopper. You won’t simply buy a new car because you feel like it. You will think about it and take into account your budget.

Doing this will save you loads of money down the road from wasted spending. Budgeting will also help you save more money because you will get excited to see your balances grow over time. You may even start taking an interest in the stock market to grow your money at a better rate than with a savings account.

In essence, budgeting is like the debt snowball method for improving your finances. It will start out slow, but over time, you will see bigger and better changes to your finances.

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Final Thoughts

Take the time to create and follow a budget. As you can see, there are many benefits from living on a budget. I know that budgeting isn’t sexy, but it works. If you would be willing to sit down and give it a try, you will find that it’s not that bad, and in many cases, actually enjoyable.

So find a budget template that works for you and start budgeting. Your future self will be thankful that you did and you current self will be thankful as well.

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