Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas for Pets

Posted by Amanda on December 10, 2013

The holiday gift guide series continues this week with gift ideas for pets.

In our household, we don’t forget our little critters at Christmas time. Sure, they probably don’t know any better (though you bet their little eyes light up at the goodies!). But it brings us joy to hang a stocking for our two favorite kittens: Lyla Bear and Danny Boy. Come Christmas morning, we take the stocking down off the wall and watch as they slowly explore it. This generally includes a lot of sniffing around, some batting with their paw to test the waters, and then sticking their heads in and out of its opening.

Gift Ideas for Pets

Do you have pets? How about making them part of your Christmas celebration this year! Here are some great toys for either dogs or cats:

Stocking Stuffers for Dogs

  1. IQ Treat Ball forDogs: Make your puppy work for their treat (and get exercise and entertainment in the meantime) with this plastic ball. You fill it with their favorite treats, and can even adjust the difficulty level for how they can eventually solve the puzzle to get it.
  2. Tug-O-Rope Handle Tug with Tennis Ball: Do you like to play tug of war with your puppy? This is a neat toy that helps you do so, with a handle for you and a tennis ball for your dog.
  3. Busy Buddy Waggle Dog Toy: This is an interactive toy that also periodically dispenses treats (that will keep their interest!).
  4. CageyCube: Add some intrigue to a tennis ball by putting it inside of a cage puzzle.

Stocking Stuffers for Cats

  1. Sense Play Circuit: This toy is supposed to engage your kitty’s natural hunting instincts. There are tracks, movable parts, and extensions.
  2. Remote Control Mouse Toy: How fun would it be to sit on your living room couch and drive your cat wild with a fake, moving, mouse?
  3. Classic Laser Cat Toy: My father purchased a laser for us a few years ago. While my one cat stopped playing with it after she figured out its source (us), the other one knows the source and still goes crazy for it.
  4. Cat Catcher Teaser Wand: Does your cat like things to fly? This wand toy has a cute little mouse attached to a flexible braided wire that can be whipped around in the air (or used on the ground).
  5. Squirrel Refillable Catnip Toy: How can you fail with a little cat nip? Also, including a toy with cat nip helps them get even more excited about diving into that stocking.

We haven’t purchased stocking stuffers for our two kittens yet… but this list is a good start! Do you purchase gifts or stocking stuffers for pets?

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