10 Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Madison on June 11, 2014

Adrienne put together a fantastic list of Father’s Day gift ideas a few years ago. As I was reading through it to get some ideas for my own shopping this week, I figured some of you might also like some ideas if you are stumped on a Father’s Day gift. Here’s what she wrote:

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18, 2017.

If you’re like me you find it much harder to buy for the men in your life than the women. Why are guys so hard to buy for? I have no idea. I tried pawning the shopping of men’s gifts off on my husband but since he prefers to buy gifts on the way to the party and I like to have everything ready weeks ahead this was stressing me out too much. In hopes of saving you some aggravation here are some gift ideas for dad.

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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Magazine Subscription. A magazine subscription is a great gift because it keeps giving every month. There are so many publications out there you are sure to find something he’ll like. Plus this is a gift idea you can keep reusing with different magazines say National Geographic for granddad and Vegetarian Times for dad. Just check that they don’t already get the magazine. I made this mistake with Family Handyman on my brother –in-law’s birthday – doh! (luckily they extended his subscription instead of sending him 2 each month).
  2. Beer Basket. This is a favorite of mine because again it can be customized to the person. Many liquor stores will let you buy beer singles. Some even have areas dedicated to this. You can go by the type of beer they like (ales, porters, etc.) or get a selection based on funny labels. Pick-out a few and throw it in a basket (or wrapped cardboard box) and you’re good to go.
  3. Framed Album Cover. A framed Album cover is a cool way to celebrate Dad’s music tastes. Albums are often cheap to come by (some yard sales are practically giving them away). Framing is a much nicer display than an old poster on the wall.
  4. Hot Sauces. Here you can shop around to get an interesting selection. My personal favorite these days is Sriracha (aka Rooster hot sauce) which depending on where you live is either in your supermarket or local Asian food market.
  5. Sports Mug. Licensed Sports Merchandise is very expensive. How much for a jersey!?! A great way to celebrate dad’s favorite team is with a coffee mug. This Red Sox Mug can be used year round (yeah, they also have other teams…).
  6. Nuts. You can pick a selection or just a favorite kind. I have warm memories of watching my grandfather go through a bag of pistachio nuts.
  7. Grown-Up Legos. I personally love Legos. Did you know they have an architecture line? You can build these and then display them in your home or office. Some are quite pricey but you can build the Empire State Building for $20.
  8. Root Beer Making Kit. Many dads have probably tried their hand at home brewing beer but how many have tried Root Beer? This is a great gift for kids to make along with their dads. A gift and a project they’ll all enjoy.
  9. Cool T-Shirt. Most guys I know love a cool t-shirt. Don’t know what they’d consider cool? What superhero did they like as a kid? It’s hard to go wrong with Batman.
  10. Food from His Childhood. Was there a special bakery he always got bagels from? Did he hang out with his friends at the penny candy store eating lemon drops and fire balls? See if you can get him a food that brings up happy memories. Or ask grandma for the secret recipe to one of his favorite dishes.

I wish all dads out there a terrific father’s day.

More Helpful Gift Ideas for Dad

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Comments to 10 Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. This year, my son and I made Dad a cornhole game (painted a monster face on a styrofoam poster board, cut out the mouth as the hole, made balls to toss out of balloons filled with lentils). Our son had fun doing the craft project and we’ll all have fun as a family playing together this weekend. We’re big on gifts that create experiences in our family.


  2. This year it’s easy – my husband wants a new wallet and cordless drill.


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