8 Unique Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Posted by Amanda on December 18, 2013

All week our holiday gift guide series features gifts for the people on your list who are hard to buy for! Do you have people on your list who already have almost everything?

On my side of the family we purchase a gift for almost everyone. Since there are so many people to buy for, the amount that we spend on each gift is kept pretty low. Most of the people are a joy to shop for.

However, there always seems to be at least one on my holiday list that I just don’t know how to shop for. It’s not that they are particularly picky, or that they did not like something I gifted them last year. Rather it’s because they seem to own almost everything already. How do you shop for a person who seems to own everything?

Unique Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

In my quest to make both my holiday shopping experience easier this year as well as yours, I wanted to put together a new list of unique gifts that are sure to give you some interesting options.

  1. Touchscreen Gloves: It’s getting awfully chilly outside. These gloves allow a person to both keep their fingers warm as well as use the functions of a touch screen phone at the same.
  2. Beer Soap: My husband took a beer brewing class and periodically brews a batch. I think he would really dig some beer soap to lather up with in the shower.
  3. Become a Lord/Laird in Scotland: It turns out that for around £29.99 (currently 48.21USD) you can give someone a title of Lord/Laird or Lady in Scotland! Your money buys approximately one square foot of Scottish land, and apparently that is enough.
  4. Celeb Treatment: You can purchase a crew of paparazzi to follow someone around and take their photos (I think they even get a magazine cover mock-up out of the deal). That’s a gift that won’t be forgotten! Now you just have to figure out if this gift would be a blessing or not…
  5. Beer Chiller: The Chillsner by Corkcicle is a neatly shaped gadget that freezes so that you can just insert it into any beer bottle and enjoy your beverage cold instead of lukewarm. You can actually drink with the Chillsner in the bottle, so there is no waiting around!
  6. Seed Money: This is a cute “token” of a gift. Basically it is seed-embedded paper formed into coins so that you just put them into the ground and watch your investments grow.
  7. Water Infuser: Infusing water with natural flavors is pretty trendy right now (and what a great, healthy trend!). This neat water bottle makes it easy to elevate someone’s everyday water by adding things like mushed berries and fresh lemons/limes.
  8. Air Plants: The great thing about air plants is that you do not need soil or earth to plant them. In fact, you would kill them with soil! As long as you address sunlight needs, you can use these cute terrariums to hang air plants from anywhere.

More Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

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Comments to 8 Unique Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

  1. I have to say the Touchscreen Gloves and the Water Infuser are great ideas that are not only affordable for most but very versatile for all ages and genders. However, the Celebrity Treatment is not something I’d promote – If anyone ever actually wanted this they really do have more money than sense.

    It’s complicated buying gifts for most people, but when it’s more a token of affection, instead of an expensive gadget or fashionable clothing, it’s important to consider the personality of the recipient and your relationship and experience with that person. Buy something that is nostalgic and meaningful, or would be a great conversational topic – Like a cheap piece of jewelry that will meet their tastes. Then the true cost of the item becomes irrelevant and the thought you put into it of great value to both giver and receiver.


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