Donating Bodily Fluids for Cash

Posted by Madison on December 29, 2008

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Hard Times and Desperate Measures

People are having a harder time raising the money to pay their bills. Some people are willing to do just about anything, including selling platelets, donate eggs and sperm, and selling their hair, to make enough money to survive.

According to the article Short on Cash at MSNBC, there has been a significant increase in people inquiring about selling body fluids and parts.

“Increasingly, industry officials say people are hoping to trade spare body fluids, tissues and other parts for payments that can range from $20 to $50 a pop for blood plasma to $60 to $100 for a shot of sperm, $200 for a shiny ponytail and up to $7,000 for a fertile egg.”

Selling Body Fluids

Time commitment. Be aware that selling body fluids is not an hour process. You will be tested to make sure that you are in good health and disease free. In the case of fertile eggs, it can take up to six months before you see your first paycheck. You need to be prepared to be turned down after going through a lot of tests and find another way to get some extra money.

Impact on body. From personal experience, donating fertile eggs can be very taxing on your body. If you are afraid of needles, this is not the way for you to snag money to pay for college. You will automatically be turned down if you are over the age of 32 and at some clinics 29 years old is the cut off.

Time and travel. Check with clinics that pay for plasma. Some clinics only pay for your time and travel, not for the plasma itself.

Frequency. You are also restricted to how often you can donate. In the case of plasma, you can donate twice a week. Sperm donations can be made up to 10 times per month. Fertile egg donations will depend on the clinic and your health, but it does take a month to go through the process to be able to donate eggs. Donating enough hair to make a wig can take up to a year or more depending on how fast your hair grows. Some organizations will not take your hair if it has been colored or permed.

Motivation. Some people do donate because they want to help and the money is just a bonus. Helping couples to bring home a healthy baby or someone who needs plasma or giving hair to make a wig for someone going through cancer treatments is more of a motivation than the money.

Check out The Hair Trader if you are interested in selling your hair. To find a blood bank near you to sell plasma, go to Call your local fertility clinic to inquire about selling eggs or sperm.

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Comments to Donating Bodily Fluids for Cash

  1. I’ve donated plasma before. Quite a lot of it in college. It’s how I bought my wife her first Christmas present when we were dating. I jokingly tell her that I paid for it in BLOOD!


  2. Sorry! Not for me; I’m way afraid of needles. My friend on the other hand could donate blood for a living. They have to TELL her she can’t donate anymore.

    She just loves doing it for some reason. If she sees the blood mobile anywhere she stops!

  3. Shouldn’t people that are desperate and looking to find ways out of debt first evaluate what got them there the first place?

    I mean, giving up an egg or sperm for money? There has to be a line a person draws. I’m all for helping another conceive (I’m in the med field) but just giving them out for cash. no way.


  4. It’s not exactly “donating” if you get paid for it…


  5. Donating sperm for money. I can’t believe I forgot about this! Its the easiest money in the world, especially for me since I do not even drink. The only problem is not being able to have sex 3-4 days beforehand. Oh well, cash is cash.

    JE Gonzalez

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