How to Save 3¢ on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network

Posted by Madison on May 6, 2014

We’re always on the lookout for ways to save money on gas. What if I told you there was a program to save 3¢ per gallon every time you get gas? It doesn’t sound like much, but when you think of it over time, it has the potential to really add up!

I just stumbled on the Fuel Rewards Network, a free loyalty program specifically designed to save money on gas.

How to Save Money on Gas

  1. Sign up for the Fuel Rewards Network card.
  2. Use your rewards card when you fill up at participating Shell gas stations.
  3. Save 3¢ per gallon every time you get gas.
  4. Earn additional rewards for future fill ups.

Terms and Conditions

  • There is a maximum 20-gallon limit on each fill-up. If your tank holds more than 20 gallons, you will need to start a new transaction after you fill the first 20 gallons – the pump will stop automatically. You will have to start another transaction to finish your fill-up.
  • Rewards do expire. You will get a reminder e-mail each month before rewards expire.

More on Fuel Rewards

Earning More Rewards. You’ll earn a one-time 5¢ per gallon bonus if you enroll in the Dining program and link a MasterCard and spend $50. You can also earn additional rewards using the online shopping option, linking your grocery card, and various other opportunities.

Redeem Rewards on an Empty Tank. Since you redeem rewards on one fill up, be sure you redeem them when your tank is low!

Refer-a-friend. Once you sign up, you can refer friends to earn 5¢ per gallon on your next fill up.

Stacking. You can stack your fuel rewards with other opportunities to save on gas including rewards cards and quarterly rotating bonuses when they offer cashback on gas.

Sign up for Fuel Rewards

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