6 Ways to Make Money Organizing Your Clutter

Posted by Kristen on October 27, 2014

After working all week, sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is cleaning. I’d rather be going out to do something fun. That is until I realized that cleaning and organizing can actually earn me money and stop me from spending more. And making more money equals a chance to have more fun.

Cleaning and organizing stops me from spending more money because it allows me to see what I already have. Going through my closet lets me see clothes and accessories I have forgotten all about since it was too cluttered. Whether it’s tools in the garage, toiletries in the bathroom, or cans in the kitchen pantry, staying organized and knowing what you have prevents double buying and making unnecessary purchases.

Once I clear everything out, I take my unwanted belongings and make extra cash with them. Here are six ways to earn money by cleaning and organizing your things.

Make Money Organizing Your Clutter

  1. Sell things online.
    Whatever you’re getting rid of, there is a good chance you can sell it online. I sell all of my used books and textbooks I no longer want on Amazon.com. Sell clothes, purses, jewelry, and other shippable items on Ebay.
  2. Sell to stores.
    Every season I clean out my closet and bring my unwanted clothes, shoes, and coats to Plato’s Closet. The clothes I am getting rid of aren’t worth selling online so dropping them off at a second hand store makes more sense for me. For my more expensive dresses or old bridesmaid dresses, I bring them to a consignment shop. You can sell old movies, DVDs, antiques, and furniture. Just search your area for the appropriate store that will give you a decent deal.
  3. Return unused items.
    There have been times I realized I have a shirt in the back of my closet I never took the tags off of. Or even kitchen gadgets I thought I would use but never got around to it. Simply take them back to the store you bought them. If you use Shoeboxed, search for your old receipt. If you can’t find your receipt, you can still try to return the item but you may get far less than you paid for it. However even without a receipt, getting something is better than nothing. There’s a chance the store may not take it back if it’s been a while, but it’s worth a try.
  4. Have a garage or yard sale.
    Organize a garage or yard sale to sell everything from baby clothes and toys to furniture. Advertise with signs around your neighborhood, an ad in the paper or an online paper, and spread the word with neighbors and friends. You can also choose to try to organize a community sale or block sale to increase more traffic.
  5. Swap stuff.
    While you’re cleaning out your stuff, ask a friend or family member to do the same. You can swap your belongings with them. I always trade clothes with my sister, movies with my brother, and books with my best friend.
  6. Donate.
    Anything you can’t sell or swap with friends or family, donate them to a good cause. Besides helping those less fortunate, there’s also a chance you can get a tax break for the items you donate.

More Ways to Make Money

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