6 More Simple Ways to Earn Extra Money

Posted by Kristen on October 13, 2014

We recently highlighted 8 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time. Looking for even more ways to earn extras money? If you’re not seeing your savings increase as much as you need it to or if you want to get out of debt faster, it’s time to find ways to make extra money. Whenever I’m saving for a vacation, I try to make as much extra money as possible. Here are even more simple ways to make extra money.

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Simple Ways to Earn Extra Money

  1. Sell your kid’s clothes and toys.
    Let’s face it. Kids outgrow clothes, shoes, and toys a lot more quickly than we’d probably prefer them to. Instead of just tossing them out or letting things get buried under new items, sell the old ones. Find a store, like Once Upon a Child, that buys gently used clothes, toys, and baby gear or look into ThredUP Online Clothes Swapping. Even old video games shouldn’t go to waste. Sell them online or at a store that buys used video games.
  2. Teach.
    Everyone has something they can offer to teach. Playing an instrument, cooking, singing, dancing, a foreign language, and crafting are just a few of the things you can get paid to teach. Spread the word that you’re interested in teaching your subject. If you excel in a sport, offer private lessons or classes. Many community centers have more obscure classes you don’t need a degree to teach, and you only need an expertise. If you excel in a school subject, try to be a tutor. Call local schools or search online for job opportunities.
  3. Have a yard sale.
    Clean out your entire house, and put everything you don’t use or don’t want anymore up for sale at a yard or garage sale. Don’t forget about places you don’t look often like a basement, attic, or laundry room.
  4. House-sit.
    Offer to house sit while your neighbors or friends are going on vacation. You can also sign up on house sitting sites to earn money from the experience. In some cases, it could be a creative alternative to a hotel if you’re house sitting in a new destination. You may have to do other odd jobs like water plants or taking care of an animal as well.
  5. Sell your old electronics.
    You can sell all of your out dated electronics online including cell phones, computers, iPads, digital cameras, and game systems. When you upgrade, sell your original. For tips, see 10 Ways to Maximize Craigslist Revenue.
  6. Sell crafts.
    If you love to craft, turn your hobby into cash. Whether it’s making blankets or house décor, you can make a profit from it. Craft fairs often let you rent out a booth to sell your product during shows. You can also sell your crafts online with sites like Etsy. You can also consider making a website and selling online. Or on a smaller scale, make a Facebook page to sell to family and friends.

How do you make extra cash?

More Ways to Make Money

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